Man with multiple warrants arrested after high-speed chase through Buckingham South

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jalen Michael Christopher Hutchinson, 29, was arrested last night and charged with battery, false imprisonment, fleeing at high speed, causing harm to a K-9, resisting arrest without violence, marijuana possession, and driving without a valid license after fleeing deputies at high speed through the Buckingham South neighborhood.

Multiple 911 calls were received at about 8 p.m. last night, reporting that a man was beating up a woman, dragging her through the street, and threatening to shoot her. An Alachua County Sheriff’s Office K-9 team arrived, and witnesses pointed to a blue Hyundai that quickly drove away. The deputy attempted a traffic stop, but the Hyundai drove through the neighborhood at high speed, making multiple turns. At one point, a woman reportedly “flew out of the vehicle” from the passenger side and rolled in the roadway. The pursuit continued until the Hyundai crashed at the intersection of NW 4th Place and NW 88th Terrace. The deputy reported that many people in the neighborhood were outside and were endangered by Hutchinson’s disregard for their safety while fleeing.

After the crash, the driver, later identified as Hutchinson, allegedly got out of the car and continued fleeing on foot. After the deputy gave multiple verbal commands to stop, K-9 Taz was deployed and eventually apprehended Hutchinson by biting his hand/wrist and taking him to the ground. While on the ground, Hutchinson allegedly covered K-9 Taz’s snout with his other hand in an effort to escape.

Witnesses reportedly told deputies that the woman and Hutchinson had been arguing and that the woman had knocked on a door, asking for help, but then said she did not need help and walked away. Another witness said they saw Hutchinson dragging the woman across the road and forcing her into the back seat of the Hyundai. The woman reportedly had numerous scrapes all over her body.

Hutchinson has juvenile convictions spanning 2004-2011, one adult felony conviction (none violent), and seven adult misdemeanor convictions (two violent). He had two outstanding warrants (one from 2020, one from 2021) for violating pre-trial release conditions in a domestic battery case and for violating the conditions of probation in the same case. He also has two active out-of-state warrants.

Judge Meshon Rawls set bail at $192,500 on the current charges, $10,000 on the warrant for violation of probation, and $2,500 on the warrant for violation of pre-trial release conditions.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Honey badger don’t care! He does what he wants. Good job ASO for catching this idiot.

  • I saw the apprehension and thank heavens because he was headed towards my house w/open garage door. Bravo to the men, women and K9 ASO Officers. Professionalism and expertise! I can’t imagine having to run towards such a dangerous repeat offender. I hope our Judges serve us all well and don’t disappoint us by letting him off easily.

    • Glad it worked out well. And you too can run toward a fleeing felon for all of $22 an hour to start!.. Sounds like loads of fun. I can see why very few want to do this anymore especially for such low pay.

      • LEO are way underpaid for what they have to tolerate. I don’t know what to do to increase their pay but getting our Judges to lock up career criminals forever serves LEO’s and the general public. The bravery I saw these officers exhibit to ensure our neighborhoods safety is honorable and commendable.

        • They don’t have too they choose to and they’re some weird characters to go from high car speed chase to a domestic dispute gun hoe for an arrest … Big law for everything and every ones personal comforts is making for slobs

      • Good point, but they can take full pensions after only 20 years, that still true? Or maybe not anymore after DEI office looks into dat.

  • 💯💯💯 People that bad mouth law enforcement either need to sign up or shut up!!!

    • They bring it on themselves with their doing a sorry job at times. Most of them need anger management classes and lay off the steroids, and the god complexes don’t help either.

      • I hope you have something else in your life besides being against law enforcement. The way you sound seems to indicate that you had a past run in with law enforcement or you wanted to be one and couldn’t make the cut. You seem like the one with the anger management issue or Roid rage. I hope you never need their help.

      • Most if not all Officers I know are super chill. They have to be to tolerate all the crap they deal with on a daily basis.

  • Well, well, well….
    What have we got here.
    Do you know who you were running from?
    The ASO deputies round here don’t take to kindly to you running from them after beating up a poor woman?
    And they surely don’t take to kindly of you amessing with thier K9’s.
    You’s a goin on up to the pea farm now.
    You’s done got caught violating yourn probation, and sounds like you’s got some really serious anger issues towards women too it sound like.
    You’s in a heap of trouble now.
    But don’t choo worry bout it none, they’s gonna get you’s a haircut, and some perty blue clothes, and a roommate to help you with those pretty lips you got.
    By the time you get all this “behind” you, you’s a gonna love you some women.

  • Well, there is a first. He actually has his own name tattooed on his neck, lol….I’m surprised it isn’t spelled backwards to help him remember his name when he looks at himself in a mirror!

  • Looks like an upstanding fella! I’m sure he was just down on his luck and made a mistake.
    Lock this guy up and “forget” to feed him.

  • Think of the innocent lives endangered and harmed by repeat offenders. Just so Florida lawyers can pay off their student loans faster, and crooked judges can deal drugs.

  • Wish there was prison or jail justice that when someone hurt a child, elderly or a woman they would be dealt with. But, the current crop of criminals are “Punks” that only prey on the weak and vulnerable. They will not confront a Man, unless from behind. Judge as part of their sentence should make them state in court
    “I am a sorry individual that preys on those weaker than me”. ” I am a coward”. “If I was a real tuff guy I wouldn’t have run like a little girl, I would have fought with LEO and his dog”.

  • He should get double time for hurting a K9. What an A-hole. He needs mandatory 5 years time to protect the public. Glad he got that neck tattoo so he can be identified more easy. Looks like a dog crapped on his head.💩

  • Good job ASO!

    Glad everyone (almost everyone…hope Taz is ok) went home safely!

    Where is the outcry for all of the aliases used in these comments? Lol! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I will show myself out. 🙂

  • This thug needs to be in jail for good!! It shows that he will never learn to be a good citizen !!

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