Manuel P. Asensio Withdraws from Congressional District 3 Republican Contest

Press release from the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Manuel P. Asensio, candidate for the Republican Primary in Congressional District 3, which includes Alachua County, notified the Florida Department of State of his formal intention to withdraw from the race. 

Mr. Asensio provided notice to the Department of State on Monday, August 22. As per Florida Statutes, the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office has provided notice to voters at all Election Day polling places and voting booths that a vote cast for Manuel P. Asensio will not count in the Republican Primary in Congressional District 3. 

Please see Mr. Asensio’s formal notice of withdrawal addressed to the Florida Department of State below:

  • After early voting and thousands of mail-in ballots, now he pulls out of the race! The game he played was to split votes. I didn’t support him and now I would never support him. He should have never been qualified to be on the ballot from day one.

  • His antics and behavior didnt win him many votes, or friends in the republican party. Not surprised. His name on the ballot today shouldnt have much impact either way.

    • One friend who voted at a different location said that he received a yellow insert with his secrecy sleeve. I didn’t receive that. I called the supervisor, and supposedly the receptionist is going to call over the precinct at the Mill Hopper Library to check.

    • Same here…. I voted today and nobody mentioned anything or gave me any additional paperwork. I’m not ashamed to say I am registered as a Republican, given the ultra-sad state of the Democrat Party nowadays.

  • AC, please settle the accuracy of the accusations Kat lied about herself in any way. I’m sure it’ll tell us more than Asenio’s unknown comic history.

  • Suwannee County reported votes cast for Asensio, and he received about 5% of the votes there. If he received a similar percentage district wide, that shows Cammack’s total percentage of received votes is closer to 80% than 85%.

    I’m not sure why Asensio withdrew. He seems like too much of a wild card to work for anyone’s agenda but his own. However, the day he withdrew, the 1st District Court of Appeal gave a written decision that they will not remove candidates who lied on their candidate oath because Florida law does not give a process for disqualifying a candidate who lied on the candidate oath, but law enforcement can pursue charges against a candidate for lying under oath. I know FDLE was investigating him for election fraud regarding his candidate oath for his false claim that he has been a registered member of the Republican Party for at least 365 days, so I have to wonder if FDLE contacted him after receiving the 1st DCA’s decision and he withdrew to avoid liability.

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