Marion County man arrested after blood drive employees alert officials to his relationship with a 15-year-old girl


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Weston J. Willis, 30, was arrested yesterday and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior after blood drive employees called law enforcement about his relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

Willis and the 15-year-old were at Bass Pro Shop yesterday and decided to give blood at a blood donor bus that was parked at the store. After they filled out paperwork, the employees told the 15-year-old that she wasn’t old enough to donate blood, but Willis continued with the blood donation. Employees later told an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy that the girl was caressing Willis and that they kissed on the lips.

An employee spoke to the girl, who said that Willis was her boyfriend and that they had been in a relationship for about a year. An employee flagged down a deputy, and Willis was detained.

The girl reportedly showed deputies her phone and allowed them to read her messages, which were reportedly consistent with two people in a relationship. Deputies learned that Willis and the girl live together in Marion County.

Willis has been charged with lewd and lascivious conduct, the alleged crime that occurred in Alachua County. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

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  • Buddy should have known that these townies love snitching and gossiping. This is his own fault. If her parents approved, he’s going to walk.

    • How about not having sexual relations with an underage person? Disgusting.

      • And when she is an adult saddled with a couple of kids, he’ll probably leave her to move on to another 14 year old baby. Sickening

      • It’s really none of our business! It’s between them and her parents…unless she’s in distress or asks for help..God bless!🙏

    • If the 15 y.o. parents approve of this relationship, they should be charged too. I would bet her home life is strained which is why she is with a 30 y.o. man.

      • These days their home
        life doesn’t have to be strained. Teens are so much smarter than any adult!!! Just ask them.

      • Even if they don’t approve they still should be changed . People seem to forget they and only they are responsible for their children. If they have a strained relationship with their child fix it or give them up to the state . If they have more children they should be taken away. There is no Excuse for her to be with a 30 y.o.

    • Nope actually if they approve, and there’s proof to that, they to will be arrested as well and probably face more charges than he does because they have a responsibility as parents

      • Not true. I dated my ex husband when I was 15yo. He was 29,and my parents new about him and allowed us to date. After graduating high school, the next year, we were married. The law stated that their hands were tied. I had permission from my parents and they knew him.

    • Age of consent in Florida is 18yrs old. He broke the law and it won’t matter what the parents say. Not to mention it’s just nasty that a 30yr old would be in a relationship with a 15yr old. I wouldn’t be comfortable with my teens “dating” someone that age.

  • Yup. Hillbilly love. Surprised they weren’t related. Ah, the poorly educated, I love’m!

    • Poorly educated and the ignorant people are the same people that have a likeness for the current illegitimate unqualified in office

  • The parents need to be charged as well. Who let’s their child shack up with an adult?!?

    • I totally agree , the problem is these homes don’t have fathers in them . The democrats removed them from the home because you could then get government help . Horrendous .

  • Florida doesn’t allow underage marriage for under 17, since 2018. Most other states do, including 15-year-olds married to someone older. If Florida still allowed it, they could argue they have some type of common law marriage. One of my grandmothers had her first child at 14. It wasn’t that unusual before the current generation of infantilized adults. Johnny can change into Janie all by himself at age 9 or 10 but can’t get married until he’s 17 or 18?? That doesn’t really make sense.

    • That’s grotesque. A 15-year old is a child. This is a predator. Pedophile. To equate that with dysphoria is ignorant, and, frankly, sick. Men being intimate with children is not a situation of consent. A man who would do that is disturbed. As are those in agreement with your comment.

      • I wasn’t trying to pass moral judgment, just saying their legal options are more limited here since the new law went into effect a few years ago. Maybe she thinks he is her perfect man and wants to marry him and live happily ever after. Is that worse than some Gangsville girl getting knocked up on bath salts, having multiple abortions by age 15, and running with 10 different violent losers? We don’t know what goes on inside their bedroom including whether they might be holding off until she’s of legal age.

        • I completely agree with you no one knows what is going on in their home

          Mom is truly disturbed she thinks it’s ok for 8 year old John to became Jane with out parents Consent . That very disturbing to me

        • Your right nobody knows they could’ve been waiting until she was of age for anything within of a sexeal relation my grandmother and grandfather were 15 and 33 and they lasted 66 years nobody knows the real story of them there are more teenage girls getting knocked up and having tons of abortions nobody really knows what they had planned I mean she was 15 she’s only 3 years from 18 and if she was 16 17 this wouldn’t be such a big deal now

  • We’ll they did get ahold of her grandfather, informed him and went to inform her dad but found out they had just told him.

  • A 15 year old, even in this day, is not informed enough to make decisions like this. This man is clearly a drug user. Does she know about HIV or sexually transmitted diseases? Or birth control? Has he gotten her started on drugs? THAT is NOT a loving thing to do, even for an adult female…..

    • They don’t generally accept blood donations from people who are obviously on drugs. And all blood is screened for drugs after being donated. If he was on drugs, he probably would have stayed at home in Ocala and not driven to Gainesville to donate blood. Maybe he looks tired because he works hard. I’m sure she has more access to drugs as a high school student, anyway, if that is what she wants, but I doubt it since she also wanted to donate blood.

  • Oops I did it again, Marion county has many underage situations that shows you, and It a on going issue. You should be ashamed and more so it so easy these days to create these predatorial situations. Yes parents should be more aware of these issues.

  • With the abundance of YOUNG LADIES out here

  • Generally, anyone under eighteen is considered a minor and cannot legally exercise their rights under HIPAA. Instead, HIPAA considers the minor’s parent or guardian to be their “personal representative.” The Privacy Rule authorizes a personal representative to exercise the minor’s HIPAA rights on their behalf.Sep 1, 2021. The HIPPA is to protect patients. If this employee thought the girl was being abused, taken advantage of or whatnot this covers her or him legally

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