Masks now “expected” at UF


The University of Florida notified students, faculty, and staff yesterday that “we expect everyone to wear a mask at all times when inside any UF facility, even if you are vaccinated.” The email said the measure is being taken because of the current surge of COVID-19 in Florida, “setting new local and state records for hospitalizations.”

The guidance also applies to vendors and visitors: “Recent studies and guidance from the CDC state that both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals can transmit the current COVID-19 variant to unvaccinated persons.” However, a recent study released by the CDC makes it clear that COVID-19 can be transmitted to both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.

The email goes on to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Students are specifically encouraged to “strive to have at least one shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine no later than August 22.”

The email reminds the UF community that testing is available, that they should stay home if sick, and that they “will continue our robust contact tracing program.”

No date or metric is given for ending the expectation to wear masks indoors on campus.

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  • Further proof that UF takes orders from King Poe and his court of jesters.

    I think the cheap seats at Florida Field would be a suitable substitute for that cliff Pole Pipin’ Poe should lead his lemmings off of.

    • Universities, MSM, NGO, local Gov…they all help
      Spread propaganda and the “big lie”…they’re all in
      On it..

  • Thank you for reporting on this and linking to the CDC.

  • Blaming the “unvaccinated” in the opening statement is irresponsible at best and sinister at worst.

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