Mayor Poe releases timeline for GNVCares

File photo: Mayor Lauren Poe at the State of the City address, 2020


Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe released the timeline for GNVCares on his Facebook page today:

  • WOW! Mayor nice matrix. Now what does it mean? You or an underling spent a lot of time on this. Have you actually done anything constructive for this city?

  • Gainesville may care but Poe doesn’t care about anything but himself. His only desire is to make the community “Po.” I hope that one day the residents of Gainesville will rise up and prove that this community is as educated as it attests to being and get rid of Poe before he can do anymore damage to this once great community. Instead of trying to turn Gainesville into San Francisco, he should pick up and move himself and his family there.

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