Mayor Poe stops publishing his emails


Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe has joined City Commissioners Gail Johnson (who is running for reelection) and Adrian Hayes-Santos in not publishing emails to/from their City email accounts.

The City Commission decided in November of 2019 that each commissioner has the option of whether to publish their emails, a change from the previous policy that automatically published emails each day if they were read by a commissioner.

If the commissioner decides to publish their emails on the archive page, only selected emails are published; commissioners can easily mark an email as “Do Not Publish” or mark it unread. The commission also decided in 2019 to add a 7-day delay to give extra time for commissioners to review emails before they were automatically published.

As our November 2019 article noted, it is unusual for cities to publish emails, but there was pressure at the time to continue to do so because the Alachua County Commission publishes all of its emails, not just those selected for publication by commissioners.

At the November 2019 meeting, Poe said, ” I’m fine with the way the system works… I guess I’m just used to what I do and I manage it the way I do, and that works for me.”

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Today Poe said, “Neighbors were getting harassed using their personal information obtained via emails. It really frightened several individuals. I felt awful for them and do not want it to happen to anyone else.”

All commission emails can be obtained with public records requests.