Mayor, Police Chief discuss George Floyd killing

Left to right: Mayor Lauren Poe, City Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos, Chief Tony Jones (unknown officer behind Jones), City Commissioner Gail Johnson, Chief Inspector Jorge Campos


Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe, Gainesville Police Chief Tony Jones, and Chair of the Police Citizen Advisory Council Craig Carter gave a press conference today outside City Hall.

Mayor Poe began, “For 400 years, certain members of our community have been made to feel terrified to walk around in their own bodies and their own skin, and we were reminded about that fear yet again, with George Floyd’s murder. We acknowledge that the most valuable tool our police officers have is the trust of their community, and when incidents like this happen, that trust is eroded.” He said that media, especially social media, is “shining a spotlight on the disproportionate violence faced by people with brown and black skin. We acknowledge the impact that racism and racial violence have on our own neighbors, and we will work to defend the rights and lives of all of our neighbors, especially those with brown and black skin.

“We understand your lives depend on how well we serve and protect you, and the Gainesville Police Department stands unified in this mission.”

Craig Carter said the Police Citizen Advisory Council is the citizens’ mouthpiece. The council communicates directly with the Police Chief, the captains, the mayor, and the city manager. “You should not live in fear in your own community, no matter what the color of your skin is.” If residents have concerns about the police, they can send them to the official email address, gpdpac@cityofgainesville.org, but Carter said that since some people are “very suspicious of government,” he wants people to have his personal email: craigezgo@gmail.com. He said he would personally take any concerns to the Chief, “and I will guarantee you your voice is heard in the city of Gainesville.”

Chief Tony Jones said, “The death of George Floyd… is alarming and is unacceptable, and my prayers go out to Mr. Floyd’s family. While we do not have all the facts of this incident, the neighbors of this community should know that the actions of the officers that I saw on that video, as portrayed, are not in line with the training, and it’s not in line with the philosophy, of the Gainesville Police Department.”

He said that trust is a key foundation of the partnership between the police department and the community. “What I saw on the video erodes trust in police, not only in that city but around this particular nation.” He asks his officers to practice the “three C’s”: Compassion to other humans, Consistent in their actions regardless of who they are dealing with, and Constitutional. “What I saw on the video, and I don’t know all the facts, that didn’t appear to be constitutional.”

A reporter asked Mayor Poe whether he would be at the March for our Freedom tomorrow. He responded, “My wife and my children and myself will all be there… Rain or shine, no matter… how hot this mask gets, we’ll be there.”

In response to a question about whether the city is concerned that what happened in Minneapolis could happen here, Jones said, “Your police agency has to be reflective of the community that you serve. You’ve got to reflect the demographics of the community… you’ve got to have that line of communication, but you also have to have that line of representation.”

  • Chief Inspector Jorge Campos needs more open microphone to teach about his mindset.

    Is Cindy Swirko hiding big scams upon Gainesville?

  • What King Poe should have started with is that “since my election, members of this community can’t afford their utility bills, can’t afford their property taxes and I have seized every opportunity to inhibit job growth in those areas most needing it. I have bowed down to certain entities and have given them my attention instead of those whom I was elected to represent. I continue to place my own selfish needs ahead of others’.”
    I guess that will never happen because he doesn’t know the real truth.

  • If your going to protest by rioting & looting, please wear the n95 mask to protect people from covid. Thanks.

  • THE “I CAN’T BREATHE” and “TAKE A KNEE” Psyops Play out in Minnesota with Masonic Ritual Actors.

    The Floyd PsyOp was a reference to “TAKE A KNEE” a veiled attack on Trump for condemning Colin Kaepernick, the American football star who started the “take a knee” national anthem protest against police brutality in 2016.


    On July 17, 2014, an unarmed black man named Eric Garner died on Staten Island, N.Y., after police officers threw him to the ground and put him in a choke hold. Garner’s last words, as recorded on a cellphone video, were: “I can’t breathe.” He repeated the phrase 11 times.

    Democrat Mayor, Jacob Frey was grandstanding the injustice in the media, a ploy to gain popularity in the large, black community of voters.

    I Can’t Breathe’: George Floyd’s Last Words Bring Back Bitter Memories of Eric Garner’s Police Killing

  • Former Officer Derek Chauvin and Geoege Floyd most likely knew each other since they were concurrently employed at a Minneapolis Night Club “El Nuevo” last year. If so, why would one of the men not acknowledge knowing the other man during the “take-a-knee” scene?…The “CORONA LIGHT” poster next to Floyd is a masonic clue. Too many anomalies in a row tell me this incident was staged to foment a race riot. We now have reports that CIA provocateurs are burning down buildings to blame the protestors. These tactics are are well known in the corrupt world of intelligence services.

    • Yep. Covid19 is a fake. It’s a response to “student protesters” wearing masks originally in Hong Kong where
      The masks were interfering with facial recognition cameras.
      Then government said “no face masks”. Then created covid
      To quarantine them and protests stopped. The quarantines
      Will start and stop when they need to control the public.
      Notice how Antifa and anarchists and rioters and looters
      And communists and lefties are burning Mineapolis, etc?
      Time for second wave of covid to stop the protesting.

    • Nice catch with the photo taken with the Carona beer sign…
      Are there such things as extreme coincidences or just coincidences? You are correct Harold with the “PsyOps”
      statements. It’s all about control. The planet has gotten
      real small with the advent of the internet. The devil has
      his minions trying to take control over the planet. Green
      New Deal is lucifers plan to make hell on earth. Right?
      Everyone wants to save the planet…And Greta Thundberg
      (Sp?) does not have a “countenance devine”…She kinda
      Reminds me of Damian in that movie “The Omen”…

  • an additional Blue-Jeaned Person behind Chief Inspector Jorge Campos? (HiddenMindScamCrew HidingWarOnGoodHeartMindAlachuaCountyYou)

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