Mebane Middle School student brings firearm to school

Press release from Alachua Police Department

ALACHUA, Fla. – At approximately 1:00 p.m. today, the Mebane Middle School resource officer was notified by a teacher, who was notified by a student, that a student was in possession of a firearm inside his backpack while on the school campus. The school was placed into lockdown shortly after receiving this information.

The school resource officer made contact with the student, who was in P.E. class. At the time of contact, the student’s backpack was located in the locker room. The student was asked if he was in possession of a firearm and replied that he did not have a firearm, nor did he know anything about a firearm. The school dean took possession of the student’s backpack and conducted a search. Once the backpack was unzipped, a silver pistol was located in clear view. The school resource officer took possession of the firearm. Post Miranda Warning, the student admitted to bringing the pistol from his residence to school.

Once the student was detained and the incident was deemed safe by the school resource officer, the school lockdown was lifted and the school returned to normal operations

The student was arrested for Carrying a Concealed Firearm (F.S.S. 790.01-2) and Possession of a Firearm on School Property (F.S.S. 790.115-2b). The student was transported to the Juvenile Detention Center.

  • Very early in the school year for these types of incidents. It’s appears to be happening more often across our Nation. Is it a reflection of our deeply troubled Society?
    We might need a one entry point metal detector scanning station before entering the School. A simple $250.00 unit would work and start checking everyone quickly at the start of the day.
    It can be done and certainly worth the time as opposed to a horrible incident .

  • Of course the big question is where the student got the gun. The police department makes a big deal of the arrest but probably won’t tell the public the answer to the most important question.

  • This is beyond upsetting and disgusting. How was this even able to happen? I send my kids to school to learn not to sit in a corner scared for their lives! It’s absurd how this was even able to happen. This isn’t the first time Mebane has failed to keep their students safe. An incident like this has already occurred. Not one metal detector or any form of protection was installed to protect our kids.
    Mebane do better.

    • Listen to me, I as a student of mebain I don’t think that it is necessary to get a metal detector

  • No backpacks. Go the old fashioned way of books & chalkboards. No electronic devices like phones or laptops should be allowed on school property. When I went to school, we just just brought notebook & pen or pencil.

  • If they stuck with the clear backpack idea this may not have happened… however the kid may have tucked the gun in his waistband instead…

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