Merton announces campaign for State Representative

Press release from Hollye Merton, Rep. for State Representative

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Hollye Merton of Gainesville, FL announced today that she will be running for State Representative in the 21st District, which covers much of Gainesville, the southeastern part of Alachua County, and the northwestern part of Marion County.

I am proud and excited to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for State Representative,” said Merton. “Preserving the second amendment, protecting our children when at school, and ensuring that parents’ parental rights are upheld are crucial during these challenging times. I will represent the good people of my district with the same passion, courage, grit, and tenacity that brought me to where I am today.”

Merton has been a lifelong Republican who passionately believes all government should be limited and should always remain ‘For the People, By the People and Of the People.’ Merton, who is a staunch 2nd Amendment advocate, is disturbed over the recent onslaught of attacks against law-abiding gun owners. “Recently, politicians have been aiming to limit our rights as American Citizens, and I won’t stand for it!” she said. “We the people have natural rights as citizens to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Blaming the weapon is counterproductive to the common goal of reducing violent crimes and senseless shootings; because of this, any alterations to the second amendment are non-negotiable!

Merton is a Desert Storm Veteran who served 18 Years in the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Technician. She was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and moved to Lake City, Florida, with her family when she was around 11 years old. After traveling the world in the Navy, she decided to retire and made her home in Gainesville, FL, in the late fall of 2003.

She is running on three key issues:

  • Preserving the 2nd Amendment
  • Protecting our children when at school
  • Ensuring that parents’ parental rights are upheld

Merton believes that discourse can be a natural course of dialogue in American politics – which allows both sides to communicate their concerns, work together for a common goal, and come to an agreement – if approached in a civil and respectful manner.

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Merton is dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to the table and working with anyone who wishes to better our state and local communities. “Let’s work together to preserve our freedoms, make a real difference and Keep Florida Free.

To learn more about Hollye Merton and how you can help make Florida a better place for our future, visit www.HollyeForFlorida.com or contact her at HollyeForFlorida21@gmail.com

  • I’m in District 22. I hope WiseVoters are voting for Hollye Merton of Gainesville, FL (only 1 time, not like 2000 Mules)

    New districts make it a little tricky. You are NOT running against District 22 Chuck Clemons (REP). You ARE running against District 21 Yvonne Hayes Hinson (DEM)

    I hope Hollye wins District 21 in 2022

  • Hollye had a meet and greet last night. Not one local leader showed up. Where is our support from Ed Brady

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