Message from the Sheriff regarding AlertAlachua

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr.

An emergency notification system sends critical information to a targeted audience quickly, giving those in harm’s way a chance to protect themselves. Before the invention of the mobile phone, the Emergency Broadcast System sent alerts to the public over radio and television. That was later expanded to cable, satellite, and streaming services as they became available. Now we have the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system that allows authorized federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial authorities to send short messages via text. Now, when an Amber Alert for a missing child goes out, every WEA-enabled phone gets the message.

Local governments and public safety agencies have also gotten on board with emergency notification systems. Alachua County utilizes the AlertAlachua system by Everbridge®. With the AlertAlachua system, public safety officials can send critical messages to our citizens regarding severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, and building or neighborhood evacuations. Unlike the national system which does not require citizens to subscribe, AlertAlachua only sends notifications to registered users. When you register for this free service, you can choose where you would like your notifications delivered. You can opt for home, mobile, or business phones, an email address, or text messages. For more information about AlertAlachua, or to sign up today, go to https://alachuacounty.us/Depts/EM/Pages/AlertAlachua.aspx.

Please note that Alachua County no longer uses the Code Red emergency notification system. If you were previously registered for Code Red, you will have to submit a new registration for AlertAlachua.

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