Migrant workers charged with gang-raping woman they met in bar

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Bernabe Juarez Marquez, 48, and Guadalupe Luycero Saenz, 21, were arrested early this morning and charged with sexual battery after allegedly gang-raping a woman they met at a bar.

The victim told an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy that she was drinking at Peppers Mexican Grill when she met the two men; she said they do not speak English, and she does not speak Spanish, so they communicated through Google Translate.

The victim said her roommate called her and said they were locked out of their apartment, so she asked the two men to drive her there because she was too intoxicated to drive. They drove to her apartment, where she gave her roommate her key, then they drove back to Peppers. She said Saenz became “handsy” on the drive, and he removed her shirt when they arrived at Peppers. She said he fondled her breasts aggressively and then removed her pants. She said she started screaming and was hit on the head with a bottle; the deputy noted that she had a golf ball-sized knot above her right eye.

She said Saenz raped her while Marquez watched, then Marquez raped her while Saenz held her down. She said Marquez also tried to anally rape her. She was able to kick the men and run for help.

Surveillance cameras at Peppers and law enforcement databases enabled deputies to find the two men at the Motel 6 nearby, where they were arrested.

Post Miranda, Marquez reportedly said Saenz drove and he fell asleep in the back seat; he said he did not do or see anything.

Post Miranda, Saenz reportedly said they talked about sex on the way back from the victim’s apartment and that they both fondled her breast after she partially disrobed. He said she promised to get her friends to join, but she didn’t return and they left a few minutes later.

The arresting deputy noted that the two men are migrant workers and are not U.S. citizens.

Bail information is unavailable.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Not all migrant workers are bad. These two proved they’re not all good either.

    Too bad they can’t get real justice here, from what our judicial system and commissioners have been giving out of late – our jails are like country clubs compared to most Latin American countries.

    Maybe the girl’s father would like to administer his brand of justice instead.

  • This idiot president that someone voted in office owns all these crimes because he will not enforce our laws and close the borders. Dam shame these criminals don’t grab some of his family members

    • I believe the report says they were migrant workers not illegal immigrants.

      There is a need for their work unless you know someone who’s willing to go pick watermelons and other crop work. If not, it appears their employer is down two employees. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll find many takers from the local residents despite some of their claims.

      • You know, we used to have teenagers and young adults do these jobs. Not by their choosing either. Parents used to have balls. I’m sure a lot of problems in this country could be fixed if men were willing to use force.

      • Last sentence says they ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS. Yes there are a small percentage of watermelon pickers that are here legally. My experience with hiring migrants workers in the past would say they are not in this country legally. Sorry to burst your bubble. But they are cheap labor.

        • Some whores are cheap too, doesn’t mean they’re here illegally. Just because a person isn’t a US citizen doesn’t make them illegal immigrants.
          The prejudice and bias is scary.

  • All of you people blaming this on Joe Biden when there’s no mention of them being illegal is embarrassing. From what I read, they’re migrant workers and part of this economy.

    Wonder how many of you bigots are willing to go pick the crops?

    • You want to defend these a$$ holes I hope next time it’s not one of your family members but if it happens you can blame yourself for supporting them

      • I’m not defending anyone but I’m obviously not the bigot you are. You want to hang them more for the color of their skin than for the crime they allegedly committed. You’re no better than the Democrats who continue to pursue charges against Trump.

        You’re part of the problem in this country today and will never be a solution.

        • Don’t get your panties in a wad just because most everyone on here doesn’t agree with you as for
          hanging them I think we should regardless of skin color that would definitely decrease the crime rate

          • Put on your big boy pants and think about your comments rationally and without prejudice. I don’t care if people agree, I just thought, maybe hoped, people were more willing to wait for more information before setting out to crucify people based on their skin. You, like many others assume they’re illegal just because they were identified in the article as “migrant workers.” Some have already admitted there are legal migrants workers in this country but most would rather jump on the illegal train. If you’re okay with that presumptuous idea there isn’t much hope. You may as well be living in 1800s San Francisco. We’re supposed to be better than that. Maybe that was a hope as well.

  • I worked picking sour cherries in Michigan 4 seasons with a friend and my mom. It was 2 weeks each year and we learned what work was. One Mexican man picked his tree line way faster than 4 of us white folks. (My sister was there too but just about useless). We busted our teen-aged asses and we could not keep up! Many of those Mexicans stayed in Michigan, became citizens, and are still there. 3 kids from Shelby became local Police officers last year.

  • This unfortunely is the cost for hiring cheap labor. My family has hired migrant workers for years. Never liked it. Glad I’m in that business. 99% of them are not here legally. When you hire cheap labor with no background checks and let them wander after hours without restriction this is what happens. Growing up we had a place for them to stay during the picking season. If they left the property they were fired.

    • If you’re a business hiring migrant workers then doing the bare minimum check is the least you should do. If these two are here illegally than that should also be on the business that uses them as cheap labor.
      It’s nice to hear the rules in place at your family’s business.

      • Agree. That is why we no longer are in business. Unfortunely they are cheap labor in which no one care as long as the product is picked.

    • So you’re admitting your family is harboring illegal immigrants? Don’t you think ICE should be notified?

      • WAS the family business…. what a liptard. 20 years ago that was how it was done. Oh no I guess we owe them reparations too. It is still goes on today in south Florida, north central Florida and south GA. Tattle away big boy.

        • But I’m literate.

          “My family has hired migrant workers for years. Never liked it. Glad I’m in that business.”

          • Ok typo I though it was corrected but it didnt go through and then corrected it again when I commented on NCFL comment. Still facts stands that migrant workers legal and illegal are hired every year to date since no one will do the work because it requires some sweat and effort. So if you think you can make a difference call ICE. I’m sure they will jump right on it since Uncle Joe’s got their back.

          • Thanks for correcting the original endorsement for both legal and illegal workers.
            I agree, this country does have a shortage of workers willing to do those types of jobs. That’s not surprising given we can barely get people to go to the office of late. We are our own worst enemies.

        • 20 years ago most everyone of them was here legally that was before the democrats got soft on border control and thinking they should just come regardless of their history

          • 20 years ago most Republicans could be classified as “normal” conservatives. Now most Republicans are deemed MAGA Trumpsters who are more interested in overthrowing the government rather than preserving the very foundation which built this country.
            That’s what happens with stereotypes. It’s not fair and it’s not always a correct conclusion.

          • Overthrowing the Government? Where do you get your news? I believe that a majority of real Americans desire (1) rule of law and (2) that their hard-earned dollars confiscated at the point of a gun by Government is spent wisely and not squandered in foreign wars. Trump upset the apple cart for both parties. That is the reason he is vilified whilst the pedo liar bumbles along…’god save the queen, man’…..*sigh*

          • If you don’t think those involved in the Capitol incursion were wanting to prevent the election results from being “official” then you’ve been thoroughly seduced by Trump as well. That was a sad day in American history. To see people storm the Capitol and pilfer through one of the symbols of American democracy was tragic. We, as Americans, should be embarrassed at what unfolded that day. Those are scenes more representative of 3rd world countries than the US. Just like the riots during the summer of 2020, both were reprehensible and should never be applauded.
            No one said the majority of Americans didn’t want (1) rule of law and, (2), money be spent on foreign wars. Your reason for his being vilified by many is but one. He doesn’t do himself any favors – I take that back, he does lots of favors – for himself. Don’t be so naive to think he wouldn’t throw you under the bus if it would serve his purpose. He’s done it to far more important people than you or me.

            By the way, it’s “God save the Queen.”

  • America is done, dude. These people are here because our people are too lazy to work. American youth just want to play on their iphones and watch tik tok all day.
    America was great because America was good…and the United States of America is now far, far from good. We honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences and allow transgender women to do striptease in front of the White House.
    The only question is, when we are overtaken the way the Jews were in the Babylonian Captivity, will we finally figure out where we went wrong and change?

    • 🤔…No.

      There’s a reason the US has no mention/significance in the Book of Revelations.

  • What about the woman who didn’t even speak their language or know them that’s so drunk she gets a ride from other drunk strangers??? Where’s the right in that?? To busy worrying about if they legal or not wrong is wrong at the end of the day. I hope the victim have also learned from the mistake she made.

    • Judging from context I’m guessing 300lbs here but not an ounce of brain.

  • How lovely for Brandon’s #MeToo voters who didn’t want the Wall built! Maybe if the Sun was free on Ann Coulter days, this never would have happened … right 👹🤷🏽‍♀️🙀🍦🍦🍦

  • So we have a village full of “down on their luck” “unfortunates” out near the airport who just need a little help, and we have jobs they could do, but we have to import migrant workers? Hmm, that’s curious.

    • Between the city/county and drivers feeding the strays, why would the “unfortunates” want to work?

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