Missing Ohio woman found in Gainesville, boyfriend arrested


Patrick Brennan Scriven, 23, of Kansas, was arrested yesterday on domestic assault charges after officers did a well-being check on his girlfriend, who had been missing since December 29.

According to Scriven’s arrest report, he has an extensive history of domestically abusing the victim, including a protection order in Ohio and two non-extraditable warrants out of Kansas and Ohio for domestic assault, felony domestic battery, and aggravated battery.

The victim had been missing from Ohio since December 29, and several law enforcement agencies were contacted and asked to be on the look-out for her. Scriven and the victim had been staying at the Days Inn on SW 13th Street for the past few days but moved to a new apartment today. After Scriven allegedly threatened the victim today, she texted the address to her mother to send to the police, and a Gainesville Police Department officer went to do a well-being check.

After interviewing both Scriven and the victim, the officer arrested Scriven and charged him with domestic aggravated assault and domestic simple assault. He remains in the jail on $500,000 bond ($250,000 on each charge) and a requirement for a GPS device if he is released.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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  • These woman need to be less naive and not associate with scumbags. I guess he’s got more street cred now that he’s been arrested. Needs to stay in jail. He’ll be going after her again when they let him out of jail.

    • Yes he will because when I dated him last year he did the same thing to me. He kept stalking my house, my job and my whereabouts.

  • We should NEVER Blame a Victim! When anyone lacks knowledge it’s not a reason or right to harm them for any reason, only an Abuser thinks in that manner. The GAINESVILLE OFFICER who responded that day needs to be commended for their oath to protect was carried out!!! The whole Society should post and make as many aware as possible Man, Woman, and Child. This act turned out for the good but many are NEVER Found or DIE! Help the Officers all over the Contry Protect Any and All Victims!!!

    • How do you sound woman you are very hypocritical you are not a victim how was you hurt I’m confused

    • Woman you act like you are hollering than though don’t act like you the victim and you was hurt

    • Amen because he could have killed that young lady, just like he tried to kill me last year in June

  • I dated Patrick Brennan Scriven back in April of 2021.. on Juneteenth Patrick drove me 20 mi away from my home and told me he was going to dispose of my body. To this exact day I still have the voice recording where Patrick was yelling and screaming at me to the top of his lungs. We pulled into a gas station and I tried to get out off the car and run because Patrick was choking me and pulling my hair (I have that part in the recording as well because I was terrified and screaming to the top of my lungs for help).. I finally broke things off with him In the beginning of July 2021. After trying to get a restraining order here in Marion county I was never issued one because Patrick had then moved to Ohio.. for months I was having nightmares about this boy breaking into my home, doing things to my vehicles and even stalking me..

    When my friend sent me this information this morning I dropped to my knees in tears crying and I do hope and pray that the girlfriend of Patrick presses maximum charges because this kid is violent, he’s dangerous and he’s capable of a lot of terrible things.. Patrick was honestly the worst person I have ever dated in my life. He was a total nightmare.

    • Please call the Gainesville FL police department. I’m sure an officer will take your complaint and recording’s to add to his charges. Please reach out This make sure he can NEVER hurt another person!!!

      • Yes me and the family are currently doing everything in our power that we can to make sure that the voices of the victims of Patrick Brennan scriven are heard! It’s a must! He’s gotten so comfortable with abusing women and fleeing from his consequences by running from state to state and not being able to be captured so while they have him in custody we’re making it our business to get our side of the story heard!

    • This is Detective Phelps with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, I’d be interested in talking to you about Mr. Scriven. Please email me or call my office at 937-225-6479

  • I’m Thankful everyone is safe. He’s my bf son, possible mental illness or evil thoughts of thinking. Lord pls give her strength.

    • I honestly hope and pray he stays in there for a looooooooong time 😠 Patrick is such a devilish and evil young person.

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