Mother arrested for taking video of her 18-month-old playing with a gun


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Rejoice Shanetta Lavett Clayton, 21, was arrested yesterday after an investigator with the Department of Children and Families reported that Clayton allegedly endangered her children on two occasions, one of which involved giving her 18-month-old a gun and taking a video of him waving it around.

The investigator told an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy that Clayton’s children are 18 months old and 6 months old and showed him a video of the older child playing with a gun. The video reportedly showed the child waving the gun around, pointing it at the person taking the video, pointing it at himself, and placing the barrel of the gun near his mouth. The investigator also told the deputy that a second incident involved a report of a shot fired inside the residence while the children were present.

Post Miranda, Clayton agreed to speak with an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy about her children, and reportedly told him that she was not home when the video was taken and that it was taken by another person, but she later reportedly said that she took the video herself. She reportedly said another associate had brought the gun to the residence and that she had checked to make sure it was unloaded, but the deputy reported that she was unable to demonstrate how to clear a firearm. The deputy reported that she later admitted that she never checked the gun to see if it was loaded.

Clayton also reportedly told the deputy that she was not home during the second incident and had left the children in someone else’s care, but she would not or could not provide the name of the babysitter. According to the deputy, she originally said that she didn’t know anything about a gunshot in the apartment and that the noise was from a friend “blowing up the microwave,” but she later admitted that she was aware of a gun shot. She reportedly told the deputy that the older child was lying on the living room floor when the gun was discharged into the ceiling in the same room. The deputy reported that a small bullet hole was found in the middle of the living room ceiling.

The deputy wrote that Clayton repeatedly told different versions of her stories about both incidents, adding different names throughout the interview. He wrote that she was unable to provide the real names of any of the other people involved and “admitted that the majority of the individuals were also juveniles whom she only considered ‘associates’ and didn’t know well.”

Clayton has been charged with three counts of child endangerment and has been released.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • I was so hoping that she was in jail and that someone else, hopefully someone with some sense, and some honesty and character and some concern for this child was actually carrying for the poor toddler… But, alas, after all the work that law enforcement did to try to protect the child and the community, this perpetrator of child abuse is still out there, doing what she does…
    😞 Our criminal justice system is horribly corrupted. There’s no justice. Only wokeness…

    • Again Wokeness is caring about social and systemic issues.. hate that fox noose sheeple have stole the real meaning.. so what do call it when you care about Abortion or Ammendment Rights?? Exactly it’s the same thing Kathy.. do your homework and stop living off soundbites..

      So who do I blame when a white kid shoots up a school or a parade?? Be sure to let me know

      • Blame the shooter genius, not the weapon. Like this so-called “parent,” it’s her fault, not the 18 month old.

        What social issue caused this? You going to blame someone else like most liberals do?

      • It’s not about the *race of the perpetrator of the crime, as far as who to blame. There’s a vacuum of character, leadership, training, parenting I’m our country.
        Policies that the Democrats have implemented, like all the Great Society policies, have failed, utterly, and produced so many kids who grew up to be criminals.
        Now, the internet is doing the same thing in a different way.
        Kids need parents who are willing to love them enough to teach them to behave properly. All kids need that. Doesn’t matter what race they are.

        • That’s right, Kathy, remove your head from up Trump’s arse long enough to blame everything on the Great Society Democrats, now reinsert your head into that warm comfortable Trump hole and live in your warped version of Republican utopia.

      • Woke is saying “My goodness, more Black people arrested… We’d better drop the charges or our Equity numbers won’t look right!” By the way, the white parade shooter in Chicago was obviously copying Lil Peep’s style (look him up; he was never violent for what it’s worth). These guys have variations of the Kodak Black haircut, and I suspect rap music and its artists have influenced them negatively, too. I’m not suggesting we ban rap music, but it is a sad commentary on society that these younger people have no better role models.

      • I was talking about the two guys in the other story. My bad for mixing up the articles.

      • If that’s the case then what is she doing caring for an 18 month old infant, And why hasn’t anybody stepped in if she’s so mentally handicapped and has been through so much?


  • Abortion is always evil and wrong.
    The solution to this will not be easy. It might not be possible…
    We have to figure out how to encourage the values that made our country strong and good in people who never understood any of that, and who have actually been trained to suspect and actually hate those values…
    (That includes our young kids and young adults of every race.)

  • No matter how we try, someone is always determined to win a Darwin Award.

  • Unfit to be a mother. Unfit to be in the presence of children/infants. Recommended sentence: Minimum 10 yrs. in prison, court-ordered sterilization, the immediate removal of her children by DCF for adoption, and lifetime parole for child endangerment. No contact with children of all ages.

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