Motorcyclist killed on Archer Road

Press release from Florida Highway Patrol

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A 25-year-old Apopka man was killed this evening in a crash on Archer Road.

At about 6:20 p.m., a crash occurred between a sedan driven by a 61-year-old Gainesville woman and a motorcycle driven by a 25-year-old Apopka man near the 5800 block of SW Archer Road. The man, who was reportedly not wearing a helmet, was fatally injured; the woman did not sustain any injuries. The cause of the crash is pending further investigation.

  • It’s sad to see bike riders get killed. It’s very dangerous riding any type of bike in Gainesville because these drivers are idiots. You have to be cautious and careful riding yo bike in Gainesville you got a lot of students that can barely drive and old people who can’t drive. I see these bikers weaving in and out of traffic in these busy streets like they are invincible popping wheelies and sleeping through traffic during rush hours and at night. It’s crazy to ride a motorcycle or bicycle in Gainesville. I saw this wrack coming home and the motorcycle was still laying on the median . Be blessed bikers.

    • I saw the wreck happen and he was “screaming” down Archer in rush hour, popped out from behind a car at a intersection and he took off at same time she’s crossing…. This area of Archer is well known for the motorcycles and four wheelers letting loose, it was a unfortunate incident and a life has been lost and another forever changed. I saw him in the road, head split open. I honestly wonder, not being petty, if at the speed and force of impact would be have survived with a helmet on. While the campaign is always in favor of of all drivers to be aware of motorcycles and share the road and look out, I think there should be an equal campaign that encourages or requires helmets just like we’re required to wear seatbelts in cars. And also for cyclists to obey traffic laws and drive like other cars expect motorists on the road to drive because motorcycles allow you to maneuver quickly and and speed up fast and pop up in places but they also can sometimes be hidden and hard to see when they’re behind another car so when they change lanes and shoot past a car it can catch everyone by surprise which is exactly what happened here. Bless this man and his family and the woman that experienced this today I’d hate to be in any other shoes it was a very very sad day and I have a image in my head I will never be able to remove. With as many deaths shootings car accidents hit and runs that Gainesville experiences I think that the police and the first responders should invest in a tent that they can put over the body until everything is finalized at the corner and stuff because leaving him out on the street with just a sheet on him feet sticking out for 3-4 hours and everybody that saw that and took pictures and videos and kids had to see and it just I think it’s disrespectful and I think that it’s exposing more than we should I mean I see it on another crime TV shows were some counties have like a tent that they put around it’s kind of weighted and that way or even just a screen up you know so that way it blocks people from seeing

      • I am on the road a lot in Gainesville. I see how a lot of people ride their bikes and motorcycles. Very few are careful and obey laws. I do not like seeing bumper stickers that say watch out for motorcycles. I see too many of them driving like crazy people. I am sure they cause a lot of accidents darting in and out of traffic. We all need to be very careful. Death happens in a second. There is no need for people to die in traffic accidents. Most all accidents could be prevented if people would just be careful and obey the laws. It is really sad to see so many people killed (in Gainesville). Tailgating, hit and runs, reckless driving. Come on people! Slow down!! Be nice!! Stop honking all the dang time!! Leave your home earlier and obey the speed limits!! Please!!

        • How about you stop blaming bikers for all accidents and put your damn cell phones down. I’ve almost been hit several times on Archer road because you jackass cagers REFUSE TO GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONES. I had a car cross 3 lanes of traffic in front of me with no signal to get on I75. You’re by no means innocent I guarantee it. REMEMBER, when you point a finger at someone, there’s 3 pointing back at you.

      • Bee, maybe seeing the body with just a cover will be a reminder to other irresponsible bikers to change their habits. I see young bikers on Archer RD doing this crazy driving lane surfacing, driving in between cars when there are cars in all two-three lanes and coming very close to getting hit on a regular basis. As for a law regarding helmets, there was one in Florida but bikers didn’t like it and actively lobbied until it was overturned. It is tragic that this young man died but the people that will suffer more are his family and the poor driver in the car. This will live on in that driver’s mind forever.

        • And I see you cagers breaking the law texting and driving. You’re not innocent.

      • There *was* a helmet law in Florida for many years. It was rescinded primarily due to the efforts of ABATE of Florida, Inc.. Their motto was: ‘Let those who ride decide’. The current law requires helmets for all riders under the age of 21. It also requires additional personal injury insurance for the of-age rider who chooses to go without protection. As a long-time (50+) years rider, I would never ride without a helmet, for many reasons, including comfort. My prayers to the unfortunate victims in this crash.

        • The insurance mandate is a joke only 10,000 dollars that is not enough should be minimum of 250,000

          • Let’s make it the same for you cagers. You text and drive and that’s against the law.

      • There’s not a true “rush hour” on Saturdays. Hopefully you were able to provide eyewitness testimony to LEOs since you saw the accident and the other driver may find solace that she did nothing wrong if that was the case.
        Echo your sentiments, prayers for all involved.

      • I’m so sorry that you had to witness that. I cannot imagine how that affected you. You’re so right, once you see something, it can’t be unseen. We saw him with the sheet last night and blood, and thought the same thing: aso/fhp/gpd should really start using pop up tents(not to say they did anything wrong).

      • Please think of the gruesome details you’re sharing as his mother, daughters, sisters and family are reading this -family

  • Sad news! I live in a trailer park on Archer Rd. People treat it like their own personal speedway daily. ASO patrols and never does anything about it. Drive safe and slow down. Life is short.

  • Sad that so many can only afford a two wheeler and it’s so dangerous, especially on busy roads. Everybody must drive defensively, cars too.

    • Who said he could only afford the motorcycle? How do you know it wasn’t his recreational vehicle?

        • Hi I live in there and was there when ur brother was in the accident. Everyone is rude and only wanted to stop to stare. It broke my soul to see this. So I along with my family and neighbor and her daughter wanted to show ur brother we cared even though we didn’t know him. We made a little memorial for him at the site. It’s not much but just something to show he was loved and cared about. I have pictures to of just little flowers if u want I’ll share them with u. U can find me on Facebook and I will send them to u. Id love to know his name too. And any info about him u would like to share. I know I didn’t know him before but I felt I should know more so properly showed our respects.

          • Thank you for your kindness . Much appreciation . I will look for you on FB
            My name is May

          • Hey Ivy add me on fb messenger Jordyn Meier I would love to see that that was so thoughtful of you thank you so much

        • I’m so sorry, for the loss of your brother Melissa. I don’t ride anymore, due to physical health, but road for years. Lost many friends over time. Condolences & much love to your family. It broke my heart, when I heard.

      • This was a valid point: A lot of folks ride bikes for economic reasons. Why make such negative blanket statements? It’s about HOW you drive, not WHY or WHAT you drive.

      • I am his Father. It was not a recreational vehicle. Our family needs prayers at this time please respect his mom and I lost a son and his sis lost a brother.

        • I’m so sorry for the lost of your son you have our deepest condolences. He was a very sweet and funny kid. I knew him from H.S he introduced my mom and siblings to you. I’ll keep your fam in my prayers that you find the strength of healing. I would like to send flowers to the funeral if that’s possible?

        • Mr. Glen. I have some pictures of flowers me and family put up by the accident location. I wanted share with ur family if u wanted them. I have kept putting fresh flowers there daily also. Just wanted him to feel cared about and I was ashamed of how the community is behaving. If u want my name is Joyce Ivy Harper on Facebook. Or my email is ivyharper2224@icloud.com I’m so sorry for your loss and my family has been praying for your family from second it happened.

  • As a bicyclist, I always keep in mind that I’m riding around in 35 lb vehicle, and a motorist is in a 3500 lb vehicle. You have to ride defensively and try to anticipate problems.

  • Melissa W, the lady driving the car and to all that had to see the crash and aftermath, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • It is just sad any way you put it. As another commenter mentioned before, one life lost and another changed forever, but really many lives are affected here, including friends, family, and those who may have seen the accident occur. I work in a busy diagnostic center. Every day I help patients who can barely see, stand up, or move by themselves without shaking or hardly being able to get their legs moving. When I ask them if they came with someone, most, and I’m not kidding when I say that, MOST say they drove alone. It always makes me worry when they leave to get into busy traffic, let alone get onto the interstate. This alone would make me, if I rode a motorcycle, keep my eyes wide open, and a helmet on at all times. I know that this was most likely not the reason for this accident, however, it is instances like this, as well and the intoxicated, the ones on their phones, the not so good drivers, and the list goes on that would make me so hesitant to get on the road with two wheels. Not knocking the bikes, I would LOVE to get on a nice bike and ride into the sunset. But when the roads are so full of danger as they seem to be…. I just cannot. Prayers to the family on the loss of their loved one, and to the woman who may never be the same after this. My heart goes out to all.

    • We used to live in Spring Hill. My insurance was $100 more a month .
      I saw people driving on wrong side of street, car pulling out of car dealerships and getting into accidents
      Drive safely and cautiously life is precious

  • Everyone defends bikers, they are the cause of most accidents . No helmet and whatever other things he was doing contributed to his demise
    I’m going to make a number sticker that says BIKERS LOOKOUT FOR CARS

    • You’re full of it. I’ll tell you what. When you cagers obey the law and stop texting and driving maybe youll pat attention enough and stop hitting us

  • Seniors can be dangerous drivers too
    To themselves and others, makes me wonder are they are on meds? Glasses on or not, medical conditions? Memory loss?
    Again drive safely

    • We are dangerous because we are driving the speed limit and obeying traffic laws and in your way

  • I’m the mother to his 4 year old daughter so please be cautious when writing the gruesome details it’s already so incredibly terrible and hard to process as it is that wasn’t easy to read thank you

    • I’m so sorry for your lost to you, your baby and fam you have our deepest condolences. I knew him from H.S he was sweet and funny he would hangout with my siblings and I.

    • His 19 month old daughter is my great granddaughter. This story is real people with real broken hearts.

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