Motorcyclist killed in crash on 441 outside Turkey Creek


Just before noon today, a crash between a car and a motorcycle resulted in the death of the motorcyclist.

The accident happened at 11:46 a.m. on US Hwy 441 at the intersection with NW 59th Terrace, near Desoto Park and the Sunoco Gas Station. Florida Highway Patrol reported that a 20-year-old Alachua man on a motorcycle was involved in a crash with an SUV driven by a 58-year-old Alachua man while traveling south on 441. The driver of the Subaru was not injured, and officers were administering field sobriety tests on the driver around 2:00 p.m.

  • This is so sad… And ten years ago, a 35 year old High Springs firefighter was killed at what sounds like the same location while riding his motorcycle to work, when a vehicle pulled out of that intersection in front of him. He left behind a wife and 4 year old son. I’m sure this 20 year motorcyclist leaves behind devastated family and friends as well…
    Vehicle drivers, we need to stop completely and look twice for motorcycles. Their drivers are so vulnerable to death and serious injury when vehicle drivers make mistakes…
    That intersection needs a couple of roadside memorial signs, and a “Look Twice (for Motorcycles) Save a Life” sign…

    • His name was Chad. He was a long time friend & Co worker of mine. He was a really great wonderful guy. Broke our hearts saying goodbye.
      This is just as tragic & heartbreaking 💔 RIP all

    • How do you know? Had he looked twice or long enough he would have still been with us now. The car pulled out infront of him and he hit the car in the front bumper which means when the suv pulled out the motorcycle was right there. There was someone with him who witnessed this accident and had the driver of the SUV really looked twice he would have bee alive right now. He was our friend and he is loved and missed. He was a good and safe rider. He had his whole life ahead of him.

    • I’ve been saying this for years, probably needs a 2 light system, in tandum with the entrance to Turkey Creek.
      I drive by this intersection everyday on my way to work.
      It’s extremally dangerous travelling Northbound with people pulling out of the gas station on the right, and people crossing traffic out of Turkey creek to the left. Now throw in that crazy intersection and you have a major cluster F@ck

  • That true that is a bad place there I remember that accident praying for both family’s

  • I work just down the road from here and the guy on the motorcycle was going 120+ mph, and has done this everyday for 2-3 weeks. If a motorcycle is going that fast and especially at that intersection, you will not be able to see them coming around

    • Your wrong. When a motorcycle gets into an accident the speedometer and the RPMs freezes and he was not going that fast… the police know this.

        • As I read this article, FHP was doing a sobriety test on the driver of the car at around 2 pm. I don’t know the outcome but either way, I’m sure the driver feels horrible. He’s also in a lot of trouble whether he was drinking or not. If he was drinking, it might be deemed Vehicular Manslaughter or worse. I feel bad for everyone involved. It was an accident.

      • I watched it Happen right in front of me as I sat at the store eating lunch facing the intersection. I seen the bike coming and told myself he’s got to be doing over 100 I seen the SUV pull out and the bike was by Turkey Creek at this point which is on a bend and the SUV never had a chance to see him. By the time he got to the center of the intersection the bike hit his front bumper and I watched him fly over 30 feet up and probably 40 yards forward, the bike never slowed down or I never heard brakes. I jumped out and immediately started helping and directing traffic while another individual tried CPR. I feel horrible for what I’ve seen and watched and I feel for the Family members involved. I will say this for the people commenting about his speed, just ask the clerks at the Gas station about the driver of that motorcycle. they will definitely let you know what they seen for 2 weeks prior with him driving by, it wasn’t his first day going that fast Infront of that store.

    • Very sad for this young man, but yes, 120 mph may be a low estimate. He passed me about a minute before the crash. There was nobody behind me then a second later he flew by…startled me he was going so fast. I remember thinking he was going to kill himself or someone else, then came upon the accident a minute later. Prayers for his friends and family.

    • Florida Highway Patrol estimates the motorcycle driver going maybe 70 miles an hour. Don’t comment unless you know your facts.

      • 70 Maybe after he slowed down. He passed me doing well over 100. Thats a fact. I was there.

        • As a Motorcycle rider for decades that knows that intersection very well it’s a death trap !
          Badly laid out and many other accidents have occurred there. If nothing else warning signs should at least be put up before it.
          There is nothing a motorcycle rider can do in almost all t-bone accident’s like this one. The recognition time and avoidance seconds it’s not possible. I often would slow down to 40mph when approaching it heading North aware that cars turning in cannot see you coming around that curve going into that gas station.
          I’m deeply saddened to learn of this young man’s loss of life. The pain his family will carry goes on forever.

      • He passed thru the light on 441 in front of home Depot way over close to 100 and was going thru the next light almost hitting someone .I saw with my own eyes he was driving way over 70 .just at the time of the crash he had to slow down to 70 you can tell by the f ont if the car it’s was a great speed .

        • I am confused w your comments. This motorcycle was coming from Alachua heading towards Gainesville on 441. Are you talking about another accident??

    • I am the grandmother of the young man that died in this crash. Just so you know, there are no words to describe the grief we are feeling. One thing I know for certain, is that my grandson was personally in my presence, working with me over the greater part of the 2-3 weeks and I am not on 441. Is checking speeds are part of your job where you work down the road from there? Do you have recorded speeds of him on his motorcycle (with a license plate) or are you just making comments?

      • Mrs Wilson my boyfriend and I have riden with your grandson many times. Even going to Daytona with him. He brough us many laughs. He was responsible and cautious. The people trying to point blame on him by saying he was speeding are just ignorant to facts. This was an avoidable accident. This was the direct cause of of someone not paying attention. I wish no ill will on anyone but I wished our friend was still here. There is nothing we could say or do that would easy any of you or your families pain. I just want you all to know we hurt for you. May God bless each and everyone of you during this difficult time.

  • Saw the motorcyclist fly by doing over 100mph, when I got over the hill the accident already happened

  • I realize the friends and family are sad and sensitive at this time, but stop jumping on people who were actual witnesses and saying the motorcyclist was traveling over 100 mph. Two facts: 1. That intersection at Turkey Creek is dangerous. Most cars roll right thru that stop sign. 2. Always check twice for motorcycles, but if a motorcyclist goes wide open he is taking his own life in his hands and could easily take an innocent life in the vehicle he collides with.
    My prayers for the families involved and for the soul of the person who died.

    • Agreed people are sensitive. But at the same time a small object moving quickly looks like it’s going much faster than it is. Add an open exhaust and it sounds like they are flying. Unless you happened to be holding a radar gun, or know the distance between two objects and can do the math don’t make a statement you can’t back up. Physics, evidence, mass vs distance traveled. All those were taken into consideration when the police did their report. That’s why people are jumping on those stating he was going over X mph. It’s speculation.

      Evidence states the impact was approximately 70mph. Ok. Could he have been going faster and hit the brakes? Yes. That’s between the rider and the driver at this point.

      As former law enforcement and a motorcyclist who rides as much as I can. I get it. I’m small. I slow down near intersections. But I’m also 40+ and somehow survived being a teenager/young adult while still doing stupid things. I’ve also known this young man for a very large portion of his life. He was a great “kid”, and he will be missed.

  • Folks, this was not the Turkey Creek intersection. It was in the crossover in the median just south of TC. The entrance to TC was not blocked in anyway. They rerouted northbound traffic around and behind tge Sunoco station up to Dollar General and TC residents were able to come south on 441 to the TC entrance. Yes, the TC entrance is a huge problem but not in this case. Lower speed limits abd more police patrol is what is needed.

  • I love you Hayden you were my best man forever and ever. Uncle Hayden, If I have a son I’m gonna have a Hayden JR.

  • This young man was a gentle giant. He was best friends with my son. Our hearts are broken. This was a senseless accident, this young man had a passion for riding and according to fhp reports he was not doing 100mph, the gentleman in the car pulled out in front of the bike. Good thing young man did not suffer. Only those of us left behind are. His mother is heartbroken. So, please keep snide comments to yourself and show some compassion for those of us trying to comprehend this loss. Thank you.

  • I can tell you right now the damage done to the front of the car the bike was going faster then 70. I spent 37 days in the hospital broke most of my body and disintegrated my bike at 90 and the damage to the car was much less then this. The officer is gonna tell the family what they want to hear to ease the pain of losing a loved one. Am I gonna put blame on if diver pulled out or bike too fast no. Am I gonna say he was doing 120 like others no. If he was the bike would have been unrecognizable. Because the way bikes sound and the fact we accelerate much quicker all you idiots think we are going faster then we are. Harleys govern out at 110… which is still quite fast. Do 120+ on a Harley 1 time and you will realize it’s not something you want to do on the regular. Most of us ride 70-90.

    • Are you a forensic expert? Ever been in a serious collision? Because looking from the accident photos and “damage done” isn’t an indicator to speed. When two vehicles collide the combine speeds equal the impact force, basic physics. So if you’re going 35 and get hit by someone going 30, the impact and force to your body is that of a 65mph crash. So how about just shut your mouth because no one wants your second rate opinion.

      • I believe “That guy” stated he was in the hospital for 37 days from a motorcycle collision. Don’t need to get nasty about it. The guys was just stating a fact. And for the record, I live in TC and motorcycles are constantly speeding in that section. And that is a fact so maybe you need to shut your mouth and as no one wants to hear nasty.

      • This is on my true for head-on collisions. This was a ‘from a from-the-side’ collision

  • I do not know if this is the same person but this is a great tragedy for this family and I did see the car because I drive home that route every day from 3:30–4:15 . This week a motorcyclist came up on my car so fast he was going way over my speed of 65 and then he went to a median turn around went back west and came back past me again 5 minutes later. This was between 43fd and 34 th – both times at a rediculously high speed.

  • In Florida, the vehicle who has the yield is as fault. Because the SUV was at a stop, he had the yield. The motorcyclist who was driving down the highway had the right of way. Even IF the driver of the motorcycle was speeding, it still doesn’t change this fact. Because the SUV did not give yield, it resulted in this accident. If I was the family, I’d be hiring an attorney immediately.

  • This is obviously a very emotionally charged story about a tragedy that has, and will continue to affect many people, including the family of the young man who was killed, the SUV driver whose vehicle he hit, other drivers on 441 who witnessed the crash and/or the scene, and law enforcement and first responders…
    There are lots of potential factors involved, it seems.
    I sure hope that FHP can sort out all the facts and accurately determine what happened, and then make a determination that will actually lead to effective changes that will help prevent this same type of tragedy from happening here again…

  • As a resident I can truly say there really needs to be a traffic light at the entrance of Turkey Creek. Sadly more people will die before that happens!!

  • I really think they need to lower the speed and get the traffic light. I live in TC and it’s a gamble driving in and out of TC everyday. There has been atleast 4 people to die in this area in the recent past. We as residents need to stand up and fight for our safety.

  • Maybe, after Christmas, some of the Turkey Creek residents could start a petition drive to collect signatures. It could be fairly easy to do if the neighborhood has an electronic mailing list, or a facebook page, and there would likely be others like all of us who commented on this story, and those connected with the tragedy who would also gladly sign…

  • There was another accident last night. It was near the Turkey Creek entrance between 6:30 to 7:00 pm. Two vehicles looked like the same type of front end damage.

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