NAACP and NOBLE: Fuller’s cartoon was inappropriate

Press release from NAACP Alachua Branch and Atkins Warren Chapter of NOBLE

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Last week, Cartoonist Jake Fuller published a picture of Sheriff Watson.  The caricature was an obese and naked man holding a sign that showed Sheriff Watson shielding his genitalia. We feel that the cartoon is obscene and in very poor taste.

There are several people who have contacted us because they felt that the cartoon was also racially motivated against the first African American Sheriff in Alachua County.

Surely, Mr. Fuller could have chosen a more appropriate cartoon to get his message across without drawing such an obscene character depicting Sheriff Watson.

  • This isn’t the 1960s anymore. Today’s NAACP is a far cry from the days when it was an organization founded in integrity and equality. If the NAACP disagrees with you, then it probably means you are doing something right. Keep up the good work, Mr. Fuller.

  • How is this cartoon racist? It was a parody about the king who wore no clothes. It has nothing to do with race. Unless being obese is now considered a race.

  • How the left screams when one of theirs is accused of discrimination (and incompetence).

  • They only assume what’s behind the sign.

    I’m offended by the rap music that promotes violence against law enforcement, making women sexually objective, and pants that hang down almost to a person’s knees too.
    I don’t listen to it, don’t believe in it and own a belt…

    Get over it, some of us have to.

  • Good grief Charlie Brown. Clovis is an idiot RHINO turned Democrat needing a good dose of his own medicine. But go ahead and make it all about race. Thats what he is doing at the Sheriff’s office.

    • Plus he is overweight like some of his obese command staff. To many lunch/meetings of the minds at Conestogas and El Toros in Alachua

  • Why is this not surprising?…
    These cartoons are aimed mostly at incompetence, not race. I pulled up the last year’s worth of them; Fuller has done over 2 dozen. Clovis is the ONLY black person he picked on (and verrry deservedly so). The rest were ALL white. All of them. Harvey, Poe, Wacko-Saco & the other very deserving incompetent commissioners & self-made targets. These groups didn’t speak up & call THOSE cartoons inappropriate, did they?
    Again, other than Clovis- THEY.WERE.ALL.WHITE.
    There’s also zero racial undertone to this cartoon- just points out the obvious about Clovis. So perhaps these groups could enlighten us as to exactly HOW this is racist?
    Pretty sure I speak for many when saying we would really like a logical answer.

  • Of course the democrats have to cry racist, never fails. It was a funny cartoon. Where has peoples’ humor gone. Everything is racist. If it had depicted a white man there would be no cry babies saying anything. But because he is black…white liberals think a black man can’t take a little humor. Everyone needs to STOP this racist propaganda. Young people are being taught to hate white people and building race differences. We all bleed red. Love you all.

  • WHAAA-AAA-AAA, boo-hoo!! Make Jake stop making fun of a corrupt Sheriff and his criminal son!!! 😫😫😫😫

    • So a few driving on suspended license makes a young man a criminal.??

      • If you continuously break the same law over and over I am pretty sure that is the definition of a criminal.

  • This current media hoopla about the Alachua County Sheriff’s office reminds one of the rather routine organizational changes that occur when a football team changes head coaches. Players come; players go. And the entire coaching staff is selected by the head coach.

    • This isn’t a football team nor are we playing for a state championship. The sheriff is elected for one thing only to protect and serve the citizens of Alachua County. Moving and firing good deputies without cause in the name of bringing in your quote “Football coaching/player staff” to make yourself and your buddies fell good is plain stupid. And at the expense of the safety of Alachua County citizens as well as the deputies that serve the county.

  • There was the article today in AC about the 16 year old black youth that got caught with a gun…
    What are they doing to help him?

  • Wow this is to funny. I am not a republicans or democrat. Nor will I ever be a member of the NAACP but I found the cartoon offensive and racist. To me it seems like the sheriff is going thru these things because of his skin color. The previous sheriff was just corrupted as our current one. All law enforcement still have the good ole boy mindset and you guys are clearly showing yours.

  • So……..what Noble and naacp gonna do aboudit? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The first Amendment is great isn’t it. The picture of Clovis was mild in comparison to how Jake has portrayed others. Go Jake Go!

  • Why didn’t the AC post the cartoon again with this article so it could refresh our memories? I don’t remember anything racist. Please add the caricature so I can see what they’re taking about.

  • If the NAACP and NOBLE focused more on Black violence and crime in Alachua county rather than crying about a cartoon and pushing a black centered agenda I might be more apt to care about their concerns. Watson is the most corrupt, arrogant, and incompetent sheriff to serve this county in at least the last 50 years.

  • I somehow missed the cartoon the first time, but thanks to NAACP I was able to find it and have a laugh.

    Keep going, Jake!

  • You want to see racisim? Check out the activist that was out of control at the last K9 Meeting. Lets make sure the legislature gets the video. The City Manager and police chief should have cuffed and arrested the Bitch on a Rant. Out of Control. I have seen people escorted out of City Meetings for much less , but they were white. Another reason to fire Gainesville Mayor and City Commissioners and their so called Manager. Repulsive .

  • I agree. Mr. Fuller could have drawn a more appropriate cartoon depicting Sheriff Watson’s character. I think it would look something more like Kim Jung-Un and a flock of followers out of fear.

  • Be assured NAACP and NOBLE, the caricature was by NO MEANS an attack on race, but an exemplification of the biggest mistake the Alachua county voters have ever made for the office of sheriff. This man has zero integrity and is hell bent on obliterating an organization for reasons unknown. Both of your groups should feel shame for putting your names on the line for an unethical hack like Clovis Watson. Shame.

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