Neighbors asked to help control mosquitoes, report flooding after Elsa

Press release from City of Gainesville

Local mosquito populations already on the rise prior to the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa may find new breeding grounds in standing water left behind by the storm.

The City of Gainesville’s Mosquito Control actively monitors and treats more than 400 breeding sites throughout Gainesville for mosquito larvae, including retention ponds, roadside ditches, and low-lying areas.

  • On Monday, July 12, the division will begin spraying for mosquitoes throughout Gainesville. (The treatment schedule is available online).

Officials are asking neighbors to help curb mosquito populations by draining items and containers on their property that may have collected water during the storm. These include boat covers, tarps, tire swings, discarded tires, and saucers under potted plants. For neighbors with retention ponds on their property, the division provides mosquito fish, free of charge. (To request mosquito fish, please call 352-393-8287.)

Rainfall from Elsa totaled nearly four inches, causing localized flooding and pooling on grounds already saturated from persistent rain prior to the storm.

Neighbors are encouraged to document flooding via the City’s online Flood Reporter Application. Uploaded photos will be added to the flood event map, and data collected will help the City assess flooding patterns and identify future capital improvement projects. 

Please note that the flood reporter application is designed for data collection purposes only. To report flooding or issues that require immediate attention, please use the myGNV app at www.myGNV.org, or call 352-334-5070.

  • Can’t the city commissioners get their paper straws and suck any standing water? Not only do they suck as community leaders, they like sucking the life out of the residents.

    Time to wake up!

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