Neighbors asked to help create vision for Downtown Gainesville

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville invites neighbors to the Downtown Strategic Plan Community Meeting to help shape a vision for downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods.

When: 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, October 27

Where: Bo Diddley Community Plaza, 111 E. University Avenue 
The community meeting will feature interactive stations where neighbors can identify assets that make downtown special, and opportunities for the area to become a more welcoming location for people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and races. Neighbors also will be able to note which improvements they’d like to see to downtown, plus the challenges the area faces as they voice their concerns to the strategic planning team. 

Neighbors also are asked to complete a brief survey available through this link. Collected feedback will be incorporated into the Downtown Strategic Plan. Two additional community engagement events are planned for the near future. 

This effort is led by the City of Gainesville Office of Capital Asset Planning & Economic Resilience and funded by the Gainesville Community Reinvestment Area and the University of Florida.

To help ensure public health and safety, neighbors are asked to practice social distancing at the event.

  • I have a vision…
    A city that promotes owning a home rather than homelessness, one that is lead by individuals who have character, moral values and some degree of integrity. A city that does not force it’s residents to pay for it’s own fiscal incompetence. A city that places it’s residents’ wellbeing over the political aspirations of it’s leaders. A city that does not seek to change the Constitutional values of this country because it’s leaders decided they “woke” up yesterday.

    There’s not enough room for the vision I have but it is far better than the vision our blind leaders claim to have.

  • I’d sell all the gov’t bldgs. to convert them to condos, including tiny units, not more rentals. Self-governed by HOA condo owners, owner-occupied only. Where will the gov’t officers, lawyers, judges and courts move to? Answer: NE 39th Ave. in mobile homes (not new fancy structures), of course.

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