Nelson Moya selected as GPD’s Assistant Chief

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. Gainesville Police Chief Lonnie Scott and City Manager Cynthia W. Curry are proud to announce the selection of Nelson Moya as the Assistant Chief of Police for the Gainesville Police Department (GPD).

Mr. Moya, who will serve as the department’s second in command, arrives in Gainesville with a long list of credentials in public safety and law enforcement.

He is currently a Deputy County Executive for Suffolk County in Long Island, New York, where he is responsible for the county’s Probation Department and Justice Intervention Initiatives. In this role, Mr. Moya was the project manager for the design and build phases of a Specialized Juvenile Detention Facility. He also worked to create the county’s first Threat Assessment Management Team aimed at preventing acts of targeted violence.

Prior to moving to New York, Mr. Moya worked as a police officer with the City of Palm Bay, Florida. He served with the department for 31 years, eventually rising through the ranks to Chief of Police.

As he prepares for his new role with GPD, Mr. Moya is grateful for this return to Florida and law enforcement.

“I’m thankful and humbled to have been selected for this position. My family and I are excited to join the Gainesville community. I look forward to working alongside Chief Scott in serving our citizens and the great men and women of the Gainesville Police Department.”

Mr. Moya will report for duty on Monday, July 3, 2023. The department looks forward to the wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership he brings to protect and serve our neighbors.

  • Well, his experience with far left administrators and politicians should help him here.

  • Good luck Mr. Moya. The history of those from the northeast serving GPD is not good.
    Pierce (RIP), Shinnamon, and some I have forgot. Looks like Lonnie threw his homeboy Anthony under the bus with city halls blessing.
    Dang that ‘used’ to be a great place to work.

  • Another effing double dipper. You retired early as a cop because it is too dangerous, now you want a second taxpayer paycheck. Quit and let a young person who need a job have one. This early retirement scam by the police unions has got to be eliminated. It is a ripoff of the taxpayers.

    • He did 31 years with Palm Bay PD. Hard to say that is much of an “early retirement.”

      You know of any young people qualified to be the assistant chief of police?

      • I do agree that he earned his retirement after 31 years. I do question the short stint in New York and the reason for leaving. It shouldn’t be pay. I would think with his retirement and administer salary in NY he would be pretty hapoy. Time will tell about his new job with GPD.

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