Newberry declines second joint meeting with County on meat processing facility

Alachua County Commission Chair Anna Prizzia listens to Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe at the July 10 joint meeting


NEWBERRY, Fla. – In response to a request from the Alachua County Commission for a second joint meeting to specifically discuss a proposed meat processing plant, Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe has sent the County a letter, respectfully declining the request.

County Commissioner Ken Cornell made the motion to request the meeting, saying he had hoped to discuss the meat processing plant with the Newberry City Commission at their July 10 joint meeting, but that didn’t happen.

Marlowe, however, said in the letter that the Newberry City Commission does “not feel there is anything left to say that would warrant another meeting to restate what has already been said.” Newberry requested that the County proceed with a Request for Proposals for a plant operator, “as that is the last missing piece of this puzzle… [A]ll that is left is to see if an operator can put forth a viable business plan to manage the facility to achieve the goals you have outlined.”

Marlowe wrote, “As you have already heard… our Commission supports the project, our farmers support the project, and our community supports the project… [Y]ou can see how much we support the three proposed projects in our willingness to donate two acres for the County’s Fire Training Facility, 10 acres for the recycling center, and 10 acres for the meat processing facility, which were all unanimously agreed upon by our five commissioners.” He said Newberry has only asked for “an elevated timeline for the safety improvements to County Road 337 from 2030 to 2026.”

Marlowe concluded, “We value your time, and we value the time of our residents. Therefore, we wish to save everyone’s valuable time in meetings in which no further points can be made… [W]e will continue to hope that there is an operator out there who can take this concept and turn it into a reality.”

  • Even Newberry is sick of G’ville, the county and the school board and their talk, talk, talk, with no action.

  • Newberry is alive , doing well and frugally successfully focused. Wokesville COG and ACC are the exact opposite and imploding, raising taxes and obscene utility rates. Fire the ACC just like the GCC has been.

  • Marlowe has seen through the circle jerk meetings that expel nothing but the gases the liberals nuts keep complaining about. Kudos to him for his efforts in preventing global warming.

  • Can’t say I blame, Newberry. The county is going to do what it wants to do and they know it. Why bother playing the game?

  • BS response that may come back to bite next time Newberry needs something from the county. Your time is not that valuable and it’s your job.

  • From the rezoning article: “All three Newberry schools are at or over capacity, with Newberry Elementary having the highest capacity in the county, at 141 percent.”
    I hope they talk to the school board.
    With a population of about 6000, Newberry has about 3000 residential dwelling units (DU). Planned and announced DUs being developed: Over 13,000. Another 30,000 residents. Will Newberry pay for the new schools needed, or expect the rest of Alachua County to bail them out? A good cheap quick solution is to bus the white conservative Newberry kids to Eastside High, to add real diversity and dilute that big city wokeness with some future Springs County citizens.

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