Newberry shooting this morning determined to be self-defense


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – According to Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO), a 911 call was received today at 9:24 a.m. in reference to a fatal shooting in the Watermelon Pond area of Newberry.  At this time, investigators have determined that two neighbors were in a dispute when one neighbor shot the other one.

ASO told Alachua Chronicle that after speaking with all parties, processing the evidence and scene, and conferring with the State Attorney’s Office, the shooting appears to be an act of self-defense, and no charges are being filed at this time. The investigation is still ongoing, but ASO currently believes that the person who shot was a victim of assault/battery.

  • No Pictures and already using “Self Defense” in the article.. yep he’s definitely white.. if he was black they would have everything but his or her credit report in the article.. this paper is such a race baiting newsletter.. just being honest 🤷🏿.. I doubt they post this anyway..

      • The bottom line is always going to be about race, money,,religion, or relationship problems

      • But it is so true so absolutely true a very true fact killing in self-defense for a black man is like saying I just murdered someone purposely because there is no stand your ground law with a black person and there’s no self-defense when it comes to black people at all this country is full of racism very much not only just the daily people around us but look at our leaders who is supposed to be trying to lead the country that will give you your answer for all bye!!!!!!!!

    • Read the next article. There’s your white devil. He’s going to prison for a long time.

    • No charges were filed so it’s probably self defense, right? Likewise, no charges results in no court records to report on. Maybe somebody was trying to steal somebody else’s watermelons down at Watermelon Pond. That could turn ugly real fast.

    • Not in Florida. The state protects victims, in these situations, for being sued in civil court.

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