Newberry woman arrested for stealing almost $170k from employer


NEWBERRY, Fla. – Sheila Lynn Harrison, 39, was arrested yesterday and charged with stealing $168,984.59 from her employers.

Harrison was the Payroll Supervisor and Office Manager and did the bookkeeping for two companies owned by the victims, and she allegedly paid herself more than the agreed rate, sometimes double and triple payroll payments. She also allegedly paid herself as a contractor 33 times and made $36,815.33 in personal purchases on a company credit card, including divorce costs, gas, dining out, and vacations. The total loss to her employers was $168,984.59.

Harrison has been charged with grand theft over $100,000, fraud over $50,000, and fraudulent use of credit cards. She has no criminal history and was released on her own recognizance.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • ROR?? Are you kidding? And who the heck were the companies? They’re so stupid I want to make sure I don’t do business with them.

  • Actually the man lied his wife found out he was sleeping with her and her runs his business in the “gray area” he would say. His wife works for the government and only sees black and white, that’s what he would say to his staff to keep things quiet…. Hummm sounds fishy…. He has 6 employees how stupid could he be to miss that much money?

    • Who did she work for? Are you saying the owner knew she was taking the money for sleeping with him?

      • He would just hand her the credit card and tell her get what you need. Money was owed to her and he would give her free range with the accounts. However her husband to whom she was trying to divorce for mental and physical abuse in front of her kids found out about the employer and her and that is who told the employers wife . Well of course he is not going to confess to his wrong doings however there are text confirmation of the 50k tax issue and what he wanted her to buy/do with money plus more. Not on her phone. Not saying that everything is in text confirmation, however a lot of those charges like the credit cards is a easy way to get out of paying the card company back what HE REALLY OWES . He figured what the heck, might as well destroy her more to get out from under paying my bills back…. I will just add it to her arrest report because the will believe me! Got to remember what he texted…. Hummm .

        • Lisa- again, not sure where you are getting your information from but what you are saying is FAR from the truth.
          Sincerely, the business owners wife

    • Sounds as if the owner she was having relations with is guilty as well. Tangled web woven right there.

    • Lisa- not sure where you are getting your information but what you are saying is far from the truth.
      Sincerely, the business owners wife

  • Reminded me of the city’s Brazilian butt story a little with the credit card usage….

  • It would have been understood and maybe gained some empathy if she had stolen the funds to pay for local taxes and fees to keep her home.

    Instead, she stole the money for her own selfishness. Trust was violated. Give her a choice – make her work as restitution for the business, with earned wages going towards repayment or go to jail. I know family members who have stolen from their parents for the same reasons. No sympathy here.

  • No surprise….considering her family history and her history of lying and stealing from others.

  • Sounds like the employers could have prevented this with better supervision and better judgment of character.

  • This person has a loooong history of pathologically lying to everyone she comes in contact with, cheating and irresponsible behavior. The entire family has addiction issues, mental health problems, criminal histories along with narcissistic personalities.
    Toxic people never tell the full story. They always tell the part where they are the victim and everyone else looks bad.

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