Newberry woman charged with murder resulting from fentanyl distribution

Staff report

NEWBERRY, Fla. – Amanda Ruth Copley, 47, of Newberry, has been indicted for murder resulting from the distribution of fentanyl after allegedly selling drugs to a man who died a short time later.

Copley was arrested on August 8 and charged with two counts of selling opium derivatives within 1000 feet of a school, maintaining a drug dwelling, using a two-way communications device to facilitate a felony, fraud, and money laundering after allegedly selling pills to a man who died of a fentanyl overdose a short time later.

On March 31, Copley allegedly sold counterfeit Oxycodone Hydrochloride pills to a man who overdosed and died after consuming the pills. The man reportedly bought 10 pills for $350 and later contacted Copley with concerns about the legitimacy of the pills because they were green and “busted up,” and Copley allegedly reassured him that they were genuine. The man replied, “I trust you, I’m just checking” and thanked her. He was found dead hours later at his home. Green pills and a green powdery substance were reportedly found at the scene; the powder reportedly tested positive for fentanyl.

Post Miranda, Copley reportedly admitted selling pills to the man.

Copley has two felony convictions (none violent) and one misdemeanor conviction (none violent). She was on probation for fraud and grand theft prior to the arrest.

A grand jury issued the indictment for murder on October 9. She is being held without bond.

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  • I hope she gets the book thrown at her … but I won’t hold my breath with the local judges and prosecutors.

    • Why the book ? A guy just did a hit and run a person dies and he gets one your in jail yea just happened in Gainesville two weeks ago

    • She made money off of it. He was killed in the commission of a felony, selling a controlled substance. And she lied to him when he asked about it. Those circumstances will affect the sentencing. How was she supposed to know it wasn’t poison if she didn’t know it was real, and clearly it wasn’t.

    • He specifically asked her if they were real and she knowingly lied to him and he died. You are wrong in every way Nil

    • The fentanyl alone is going to get her a great deal of time. Add to it the fact that she contributed to someone’s death willfully she was charged how she should’ve been. Intent was shown when she distributed it. She knew there was a chance something bad could happen. Would you sell someone something that could possibly kill them?

  • You think you know someone. Never seen this side of her. Well haven’t seen her in years. Prayers to the man’s family and her kids.


  • She was doing the only thing she thought she could to make money. Start trade schools to help people without charging so much. Help people better themselves instead of making you do 3 years of school for a certificate program. I’m 50 and would love to go to trade school, but the programs currently available are horrible and time consuming.

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