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  • Jake Fuller is our editorial cartoon legend. He nails it every time. Week after week. Year after year… It’s amazing to me that he keeps sending out these spot-on shots from his bunker in our blue 💩 town…

    • With the taxes & utility bills I pay, all the major intersections in the city should have
      Holiday/Christmas decorations with lights…they should
      Go up a few weeks before Thanksgiving and stay up a few weeks past New Years Day…These last almost 2 years
      Have been especially hard & depressing for the children with the
      Face masks, quarantines, & government medical tyranny….yeah, here in GNV, Poe is the Grinch
      Who stole Christmas. This used to be the happiest time
      Of the year. — Maybe Poe will
      Have an epiphany on X-mas day like Scrooge and
      The city commission will no longer wear those stupid
      Halloween Masks thereafter…God bless you all and have a Merry
      Christmas and a Happy New Year!

      • It’d be nice! But no, Marxist Lauren Poe won’t change his ways or admit anything he ever did was wrong, much less how hypocritical and disastrous he’s been. Needs to be run out of, not just his office, but out of Gainesville! No more Joe B or Lauren P, just go away!!!

    • Yep. Good on you Jake! This GCC is not really a laughing matter. Sure Po looks goofy, chubby, and suspicious, but the damage he’s done to Gainesville will take a decade or more to corrupt. About $2 bills in debt at GRU alone with nothing but a giant greenhouse gas, CO2 producing, tree fire oven to show for it. Very few others even attempting to operate such a nasty uneconomical plant, especially after what they paid for it. Poe voted for it way back when the idea was new. He’s single-handedly done more damage to Gainesville that anyone in the past 50 years, including the long list of murderers that are drawn here from all over. Impeach this nut now!

  • Thanks for the present Jake!

    Pretty sure the Mask Police are lurking in the shadows back there somewhere, along with the servers of the eviction notice and it’s pretty clear GRU has already turned the power off. That other guy in the darkness looks like he could be the tax collector.

    Jake really illustrates the Christmas spirit in Gainesville.

  • Jake’s cartoons are always spot on and address current issues. I am embarrassed to say I am not aware of what he is talking about in this cartoon. What did the GCC do now that I missed? Not disagreeing with the cartoon just I the dark about what was the inspiration for this cartoon.

  • So true, Jake as always. Christmas is the REAL ideal, not the fake imitation Antifa followers want.

    • Funny cartoon!
      my understanding is any (legitimate) group wanting to post banners or paint crosswalks need only to pay for them $
      Churches could form a charitable LLC & deck-the-halls 🎶
      Light up University Avenue like the Las Vegas strip with Christmas 🎄 decorations!

  • Yeah, LGBQTXYZ got painted rainbow street intersections…you’re getting coal in your stocking
    This year Poe..

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