“No one said that virtue signaling was gonna be cheap!”


  • Sweeeeeet.. way 2 celebrate 🍾 black history month by making this wack meme.. man oh man does the alachua chronicle know how to race bate..it’s as if it’s all they have 👋🏾👋🏾🤔🤔

      • Emrl, he lost it because the liberal loonies couldn’t handle the truth.
        Their loss is our gain, I never bought that mullet wrapper anyway and in case you haven’t noticed, not many people do.

    • Most people of all colors would be against wasting so much money on foolishness. Who cares about history when things are so bad in the present thanks to our blue city government for the past decade or two. You must be the Chronicle’s #1 fan, by the way.

      • He’s brainwashed with CRT & wokeness..too bad he can’t stop
        His people from committing black on black crime during black history month….

    • It’s not a meme. It’s a political cartoon and the caricatures are based on truth by their very nature. It’s pretty obvious that your only come back to the Chronicle’s reporting is to accuse it of racism rather than responding to the very real commentary that Folston is unqualified, disliked by his entire staff and is being propped up by Ward who is trying to double his salary in return for his support. The person inserting race is you.

  • Reading the excerpts from last year’s investigation of Folston’s time in office already, why are they even considering making him permanent rather than firing him?


    He is clearly NOT management/supervisory material, not worthy of current salary let alone any increase.

    Folston personifies a major reason the city can’t keep employees; been like this for decades.

    • Did anybody check his record? He cannot stay anyplace very long. Definitely not management material.

  • Shouldn’t Harvey be kissing the other end?
    Oh wait, he already won the mayoral election.

  • This is the kinda thing that drives a moderate Democrat to be a liberal Republican. There’s nothing reasonable that justifies this–when is it enough?

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