North Central Florida Police Benevolent Association endorses Ed Book for Gainesville City Commission

Press release from Ed Book for Gainesville City Commission District 2

Jody Branaman, President of the North Central Florida Police Benevolent Association (PBA), has announced that the PBA has endorsed Ed Book for Gainesville City Commission District 2.

The endorsement letter says the union will ask their members to support Book’s candidacy “because of your commitment to law enforcement in our community.”

The North Central Florida Chapter of the PBA represent thousands of law enforcement officers in 13 counties in the region.

Previously, other first responder organizations, represented by the Fraternal Order of Police Gator Lodge 67 and the Gainesville Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2157, also formally announced support for Ed Book.

Book said he hopes that Gainesville neighbors will join law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical first responders who consider him worthy of election and vote on August 23rd. 

  • What has he done? Whar are his issues? More guns? More restrictions for women? More expansion of rules to spoil our neighborhoods? More environmental distruction? What does he stand for?

    • The article says he stands for the police and first responders etc. With Chief Jones as assistant city manager it would be the perfect “Bookend” for manipulation and coercion in city Government.

      • I promise Mr Gardner that I will never compromise ethics when elected. I’m too invested in our community & have lived here & raised a family here since 1982 when I moved here to attend school. Civility & integrity is what I value most. I will continue to work locally & just want to get things done while treating people with respect.

      • Absolutely would not happen. In fact, Ed would be the perfect “watch dog” to assure the highest standard of responsibility to the citizens he serves. His interaction and knowledge of those he has worked with in the past will only improve his service to the community.

    • Glenna, I don’t know you but I know and worked with Ed Book for many years in local law enforcement. Ed, without question, is one of the most ethical, fair minded, approachable and intelligent individuals I have known in my lifetime. His election to the commission will be a positive for the city, the people he represents and to the commission with the best interest of his constituents first and foremost. There is no better person for this position.

  • Glenna, Good questions. You can find information @ http://www.bookforgnv.com & especially Facebook: bookforgnv which will give you a sense of my beliefs/values. Lastly feel free to call – 352.222.7968 & tell me what I need to know or I am happy to share. Candidate Ed B

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