NW 23rd Avenue shut down at NW 43rd Street due to rollover crash

Photo courtesy Gainesville Police Department

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A rollover crash near the intersection of NW 43rd Street and NW 23rd Avenue/NW 16th Boulevard has shut down roads in the area. Gainesville Police Department asks drivers to avoid the area.

  • Dangerous intersection courtesy of the liberal fools on the Gainesville City Commission who approved tearing down the trees and the inappropriately placed development on the St. Michael’s property.

    • So sad to see those outstanding trees “murdered” for another strip of store fronts! AND still the panhandlers are out there even after one was killed.Gainesville, is this town planning at its best?

    • Why no one drives the speed limit that’s the problem put a traffic unit back on the street and don’t tie their hands let them write tickets arrest drunk drivers

  • With the new development at this intersection, more accidents are going to happen. Everyone must drive safely and calmly as this has become a busy intersection.

    • Become? It’s been busy for years. The idiots who approved the median changes continue to screw up Gainesville and it’s traffic patterns.
      On the bright side of things, the liberals who continue to elect those idiots get to experience it firsthand.

  • In all my life, I have never seen any serious accidents in this area until recently. This part of town used to be markedly safer and slower than other parts of Gainesville. It was a peaceful pocket. Those days are gone, it sucks.

    • “This part of town used to be markedly safer” now it is filled with ME FIRST drivers who do not understand that the rule of the road is to Yield.. That’s the situation in this part of town now..

  • Due to the heavy traffic and the odd angle of the intersection, this has been a continuous source of accidents. Removing the panhandlers might take care of one distraction, but it won’t solve the problem. There is probably not much that can be done, unless there is a major redesign of this intersection.

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