Pet Obituary: Ezekiel “Zeke” Thompson, 11


Zeke was born into greatness on December 19, 2009, and crossed over the rainbow bridge on September 10, 2021, surrounded by his family and closest friends. 

Zeke loved playing catch, swimming, eating breakfast for dinner, digging holes, Jeep rides, bird watching, and, most of all, hogging the bed. He was a light to everyone he met and will always be remembered for his wet kisses and gentle nudges for attention. Zeke leaves behind his loving mom and 3 human siblings in addition to his 3 adoring, yet annoying, cat pals. Zeke was a warrior and protector but knew no enemies. He will be missed for his tomfoolery, his affection for the outdoors, and for being the best doggo ever. He was the epitome of light and love and will furever hold a place in the hearts of many. His greatest regrets are never attending a live concert and the many squirrels that always managed to get away.  

RIP, Zekey Bear. 

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    • There’s no words…Dogs are the best! I like dogs
      Better than people…sorry for your loss. I know it’s devastating. God bless.

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