Oh, what fun it is for us to double our own pay!


  • Where’s the uproar from our local citizens?
    Oh yeah, they’re living under their comfortable little mushrooms.
    I’ve never experienced a town of more feckless uninvolved people.
    The creeps who voted this in will surely be back, in order to cash in on this part time high paying circus.

      • Why are they getting raises when we have so much vagrancy and gun crime? I would give them a 10% raise if they got rid of the panhandlers but they should have done that anyway without an incentive.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! I have lived here all my life and the only reason I can deduce for more conservatives not turning out is that the libs have a constant supply of fresh, idealistic, change the world mentality students that I compare to drive by shooters, they cause damage and move on to never be seen again. The fact that the libs consistently out vote conservatives year after year, I think leaves people thinking, why bother, it’ll never change.

  • Enough of their self righteous acts at our expense. Most of these lame duck certainly plan to switch seats to and from at-large to district. Or, just move a bicycle and bag of clothes to a friends porch one day before the deadline to be a resident for a new district (like self renamed hayes-SANTOS did on his first term, a Canadian white who decided to be a minority (like his step dad) just before the election.

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