Omicron COVID-19 Variant Impacting County Operations

Press release from Alachua County

The very contagious Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus is beginning to impact Alachua County staff and operations. As of this morning, approximately 25 employees have tested positive. We are approaching the point where County services (such as trash pickups and road maintenance) may be impacted.

Alachua County staff are working diligently to provide uninterrupted government services and appreciate the understanding of County citizens during this challenging time. For those who must visit County buildings in-person, face masks are strongly encouraged regardless of vaccination status. For those attending meetings in the Jack Durrance Auditorium or Grace Knight Conference Room, masks are required.

  • Testing positive with a fake test is proof of nothing but fraud. Omicron is a PsyOp…it does not exist

    • You’re right Harold…it’s part of bankrupting all the
      Countries on the planet and installing the “great reset”…
      Destroy the US$, destroy our economy, install New World Order that takes liberty & freedom away. Anyone
      Who wears a mask is a brainwashed communist or
      A looney hypochondriac.

  • Well, Alachua County is definitely joining in with other entities that are making this Omicron variant a much bigger deal than it has to be…
    What about people just stay home and rest up if you’re feeling under the weather, especially if you have symptoms like cough and runny nose that make you contagious? Hope about go to the doctor if you aren’t getting better/develop worsening symptoms?
    For most people, omicron is an upper respiratory illness like a cold.
    How does it help anyone to make mountains out of molehills with regards to an illness that will be with us forever?
    We need to learn how to deal with it! And live our lives. What’s left of them…
    I think it would be much smarter for our public health and other government officials to spend more time and effort educating people about how to build more resilience into their body with exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight, and inexpensive vitamin D3 and zinc. And for physicians to focus on effective, low cost therapeutics, rather than focusing all their efforts promoting endless vaccines and useless masks that fail to keep people from getting sick, and spreading the virus. Treat people earlier and they won’t need the last ditch ventilators in intensive care units that so often fails so save lives.
    It’s insane the way this epidemic has been managed.

    • You’re right…it’s just a common cold. They should
      Be talking about things like good nutrition to stay healthy…it about control. Papers pleeeze!

  • I would be asking more about why it is 25 people out of 800+ employees or 3% is enough to slow down operations or is it the county has too many vacancies and can’t retain employees.

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