On a positive note…


  • Where’s the GCC clowns? I expect to see them running from the bus seeing as how they’re cowards. Poe with a flaming beard would have been nice. Ward if he had any hair but he would have probably tripped over himself or run over the other women trying to escape.

    We have our imaginations. They can’t take that from us…yet.

  • They run these by the University ALL THE TIME. No one is ever on them and they go two MPH. They are designed to slow traffic in an already congested situation.

  • A waste of tax payers money. But then again, when did that ever matter to a politician.

  • ….Does anyone know how much taxpayer money was wasted on these electric clown buses that spontaneously combust? Another liberal looney boondoggle. —They should’ve spent the money fixing potholes so people don’t crash on their electric scooters.

  • The buses aren’t good for the environment when they catch on fire and spew vast amounts of toxic fumes and smoke into the air. The bus has to be disposed of now, hopefully without poisoning the planet too much more. Are chemicals leaking out of the batteries? Has the EPA been consulted? Send both of the dangerous products back to their manufacturer in California or wherever they came from. Stop it with the “New American City” delusions, guys.

  • Colorado ordered 9 of them and canceled the contract early because they sucked so bad. But our fatheads in charge will refuse to acknowledge the error of their ways, as always.
    >>On August 10, 2021, EZ10 was deployed on the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden, Colorado. Nicknamed The Mines Rover, the service consisted of nine buses on three routes connecting locations on campus and in downtown Golden. As of its deployment, it was the largest automated shuttle service in the United States. EZ10 was set to serve the Colorado School of Mines for one year, but was discontinued in December, 2021 after one semester, citing limitations in meeting high expectations of reliability and usefulness.

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