One dead, four injured in drive-by shooting

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, at approximately 10:00 p.m., multiple Gainesville Police Department (GPD) units responded to several calls of shots fired at the Eighth Avenue Food Store (1634 NE 8th Avenue).

After arriving to the scene, the investigation revealed that a vehicle traveling southbound on NE 17th Street fired multiple shots into a crowd of individuals outside of the Eighth Avenue Food Store. Five people were shot, one of whom later died at the hospital as a result of their injuries. At this time, GPD does not have an update on the status of the other four individuals. The vehicle then turned eastbound on NE 8th Avenue.

GPD detectives are currently on the scene collecting evidence. If anyone has information about this incident or has any knowledge of those involved, please call 352-393-7710. Or you can remain anonymous by contacting Alachua County Crime Stoppers at 352-372-7867 or www.stopcrime.tv.

GPD extends its sympathies and prayers to the individuals and families involved in this tragic incident. As we gather additional information, we will be sure to inform the public.

  • Oh no! Not another mass shooting in gainesville! what’ this 2 in 3 weeks? told ya i was keeping track! Got a $100.00 bill that says it wasn’t a car full of caucasion individuals. anyone up to losing some money?

    • Seriously is a shame that some people nowadays have very little disregard for human life or the laws. Hope however many cowards are responsible for this are brought to swift justice and spend the remaining days of their lives incarcerated.

    • Are you implying that it was a car full of “proximity crimers”?

      • Is that 5 shot at the American legion hall, the 21 year
        Old that shot the 12 year old, and now another 5 shot yesterday
        All within like 3 weeks? That’s a lot of proximity crime
        For GNV…it must be for lack of equity that these youths are killing each other…what else could it be?

    • Might’ve not been white boys shooting but maybe some got shot 🤷🏻‍♂️#defundthepolice

    • Maybe he’s afraid of who the city might pick to replace him if he quits. They could never find a candidate “good enough” to become permanent chief back when he was acting as interim chief, and they decided to give the job to him. I’m sure it will have to be a really “special” person.

  • Most of these suspects grew up in public subsidized housing. So, taxpayers are funding that as well as the criminal justice system (and emergency room) costs, later when they grow up. Gainesville city commissioners are about to approve $2 million in new subsidies today (or this week of delayed by city hall evacuation). Contact them and say NO MORE RENTAL SUBSIDIES at: citycomm@cityofgainesville.org

    • You can contact them but that won’t do any good. They’re too busy pleasuring one another to pay attention to the residents they pretend to represent.

  • In January 2020 this white guy was shot at, in a public place, in daylight, by one of the Eastsiders. GPD, under commission orders, will not arrest blacks. Even though I identified the shooter. Now in 2021 they are killing each other. Somehow I don’t feel bad. BTW I escaped to Gilchrist County where this stuff isn’t tolerated.

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