One killed, two wounded in weekend shootings


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – One person was killed and two were wounded in two separate shooting incidents this weekend in Gainesville, in addition to the fatal shooting Friday night in Alachua.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a Friday night shooting at The Crossings. An adult male was shot just before 8 p.m. and died from his injuries. The case is still under investigation.

Gainesville Police Department officers responded at 10:22 p.m. last night to a report of a shooting at Sweetwater Square Apartments and found a male victim near buildings F and G with a gunshot wound to the leg. While officers were locking down the scene, a vehicle sped off, and officers conducted a felony stop; they found a weapon in that car, but no arrests have been reported yet.

A short time later, the Combined Communications Center received a report that a gunshot victim was being treated at a hospital; officers believe the two incidents are related. That case is also still under investigation.

    • Ohhhhhh yeaaaaah bro because it’s not happening in trailer parks.. or it doesn’t happen in keystone archer n Newberry..stop being a simp..

    • Come from behind. Let’s see you!!! What do housing have to do with it. They’re not the ones providing the guns fool!! So I guess high cost houses is where they molest kids at?? Must be your lack of manhood down there to even say such a thing. Not to even mention. (I hope that innocent child be ok) worried about the wrong things. That’s y people like you can’t come from behind. Throw a rock and hide. Typical skin back!!

      • Well, are you a landlord that provides section 8 housing? You’ll find out that the people live slovenly, destroy where they live, & deal drugs…not all, but a lot. That’s why the supply of affordable housing is dwindling and rents are going up.

    • Come from behind. Let’s see you!!! What do housing have to do with it. They’re not the ones providing the guns fool!! So I guess high cost houses is where they molest kids at?? Must be your lack of manhood down there to even say such a thing. Not to even mention. (I hope that innocent child be ok) worried about the wrong things. That’s y people like you can’t come from behind. Throw a rock and hide. Typical skin back!!

    • Affordable housing is a misnomer.
      Affordable housing = government assisted housing. The GNV CC wants to destroy single family zoning so they can provide more free housing. Rents are going up because of the landlord ordinance
      They imposed on properties 4 units or less…the unintended consequences of government interference.

      • Yes, “Affordable Housing” is just the latest euphemism for “Projects.” And “Projects” was a kinder, gentler euphemism for “Slums.”

        • Bingo. You got that right Jimmy!
          And our dollar and economy are ruined because of all that printing of money the government did so people could stay home and be super hero’s for one world government and climate change. Do you Like the price of
          Produce at the grocery store? He who sacrifices liberty & freedom for safety gets neither. They’re still trying to push Covid shots to reduce the population…

          • The Governor should enhance prison terms for all who commit crimes wearing a face mask.

        • Jimmy, Jimmy… when you get more older…you will be put on a elderyhome…in a share room and most the caregivers will be those people that grow up on the ” affordable Housing'” you are talking. And they will treat you with respect, the one you don’t give to any.
          At the end of your days, you will be alone, forgotten, only wearing pajamas and your face reflecting on their eyes…

  • FYI the Crossings at SantaFe across from SFC is one of the few private apt. complexes with gated access AND human security guard. Please find out if one was posted during the shooting. It’s notorious for leasing to problem residents and guests, owned by Collier Props.
    2nd, is the Sweetwater apts the brand newly built section 8s on SE Waldo/Williston Rd? If so, it’s very sad our lawyer-run housing authority invites criminals to public housing and ruins surrounding homesteads in District 1. When will THEY add fences, gates and security access?

    • No, they renamed Village Green/Forest Green as Sweetwater Square. You know a neighborhood has problems when they keep changing the name. It’s a huge complex off NE 15th Street, for anyone not familiar with it.

    • It’s kinda weird that we have shootings here where I live but the problem is we have to have a background check. Any violent or sex offense is an automatic NO. But anyone under 18 isn’t background.

  • Nice to know that the Dems who visit won’t miss home much. Gainesville is looking more and more like Chicago every weekend.

    If you’re able and legally permitted, better protect yourselves and your families – LEOs are likely to be busy.

  • The funny part is what y’all don’t know is it’s not Sweetwater Square nor the one’s that lives out there it’s the outsiders and the fact that No one is talking…. section 8, Low income housing, high class, and the middle no matter where u live how much money u have if no one is willing to step up for their community!!!! I’ve lived just about all over Gainesville Plus some and it’s every where!!! Now what we can do is let’s talk less on what we don’t know about and try to figure out how we can keep our children safe!! NO NEED FOR DOWN TALK LETS STOP THE GUN VALANCE

    • Funny how none of my guns are violent. They just sit there and don’t do nothing. How aboit if some communities teach their kids what is moraly acceptable in society?

      • Peer, music videos, sometimes lack of upbringing, placing kids on self raising, education Republicans, Democrats, black, white, blue, green or purple do it. You have some parents that go to the schools, apartments, stores and act just as unruly as the kids. None of the actions have prejudices look at alachua chronicle its upbringing or lack of.

    • Dude, I had to evict 2 section 8 recently…they were veterans. Both Wouldn’t leave when the lease expired…one of the two died of a fentanyl overdose 30 days later…they rented out the extra room, people coming at all hours, etc.
      Remember a place called Kennedy homes on the east side? I believe they knocked that down…

    • You hit it right there 100 percent. The only way things are going to change is when people step up and say thats enough. Start turning in the drug dealers,gang members and those who are committing the crimes in our communities. It will only get worse unless we step up.

      • Some of The problem is: the cops won’t do anything and the prosecutors & judges set the criminals free with little or no bond..

      • If the people are benefited from those drug dealers by way of drugs it self, paying their low rent or bills, they throwing parties barbecues and crab boils they feed the kids when sometimes the parents are not. That’s who the give respect to. So no one is going to come forward unless they truly are tired of it or something happens to someone close to them. I wasn’t raised like that but some are.

  • Would love to see the racial statistics of the shootings and murders in Gainesville fl.

  • Use a gun in a crime and you’re done…10,20, life! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time and pay the bail dime!…that will end the gangsta thuggery. If it don’t than I’ll always think it always should have.

    • They need to build more affordable living at the jail and prisons to keep these repeat gun toting felon thugs off the street….give them an extra long lease there…

  • I am one of the semi regular republican commentators on this site. I would love to have section 8 housing. My expenses are increasing but my benefits aren’t. I am no expert but I believe the drug users are the real problem. There would be no dope dealers without customers willing to shoot and kill to get their drugs. Start prosecuting the users.

    • The government should give the users free dope so they off themselves…that may be Bidens plan by giving out free crack pipes & needles.

    • There are plenty of college kids who sell weed or whatever to their friends and nothing bad ever happens. It’s people who want to rip off other people who are the problem. That explains why there is no grocery store on the eastside. But there are lots of chain-link fences around front yards, bars on windows, chained-up pitbulls in carports, etc.

  • After reviewing the racial statistics…… It don’t look good guys….. Should we post the real problem.

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