One person transported in critical condition after water rescue on Johnson Lake

Press release from Alachua County Fire Rescue

HAWTHORNE, Fla. – This afternoon, units from Alachua County Fire Rescue Station 62 in Hawthorne were dispatched to a water rescue incident on Johnson Lake in the area of Lindsey-Phillips Park, just East of US 301. 

Upon arrival, crews found one patient in the middle of the lake who is believed to have experienced a medical emergency while on a personal watercraft. The patient fell off the craft into the water and was reported to have been face-down and unresponsive. A bystander on the shore saw the patient in need of assistance and entered the water to attempt a rescue prior to Fire Rescue arrival. 

Lieutenant Ryan Lowery and Rescue Lieutenant Kim Marsh quickly entered the water and approached both of the individuals. The initial patient was found to be unresponsive, and the bystander was found to be fatigued to the point he needed assistance as well. Both individuals were rescued and removed from the water. Medical care was quickly provided to both individuals, and one patient was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.  

ACFR reminds you to always wear a properly fitting personal floatation device when enjoying time on the water.  

  • All three of these men are heroes! Absolutely brave and selfless attention to helping someone in distress.
    Thank God for the local fire and rescue of Hawthorne.

    • They really are, thank you, and although I am no longer an employed EMT I can tell you I made just about as much money delivering pizzas (and I knew about what time my shift ended when I was delivering pizzas!) 🚑 🍕

  • It’s nice to hear about selfless people helping others. I’m just wondering about what seems to be an increase in spontaneous medical emergencies since the COVID jabs started.

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