Pair arrested for Bass Pro Shops theft


Robert Lee Newton, Jr., 34, and Joshua Adam Whitehill, 25, were arrested yesterday afternoon after Bass Pro Shops employees reported that they were taking items out of bins behind the store.

The bins, which contained merchandise that was returned or defective, were approximately 40-50 feet away from the building, ready to be loaded on the next return truck. The merchandise was still boxed, with return receipts “clearly visible.” Newton was allegedly seen taking items out of the bins and placing them in his personal vehicle. The employee told deputies that he told Newton to put the items back in the bins. The employee also saw a work van that belonged to Whitehill.

The report notes that Bass Pro Shops video shows Whitehill and Newton taking items from the bins and loading them into their vehicles. Later in the day, the store received a phone call from Whitehill, who said he wanted to return the stolen items. Whitehill agreed to meet deputies at the Bass Pro Shops store. After Whitehill was detained and advised of his Miranda rights, he reportedly said he believed the items were “trash” and that he didn’t know Newton.

Newton reportedly told deputies that he worked with Whitehill, met up with him at Bass Pro Shops, and followed him to the bins. Stolen Bass Pro Shops merchandise was found in Newton’s house and vehicle.

The items the pair allegedly stole were valued at $5,454.39. They were both charged with one count of grand theft of more than $5,000 and one count of criminal conspiracy. Whitehill was released on his own recognizance. Newton was released on $10,000 bail.

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