Parents paint 34th St Wall with anti-mask messages


Today a group of local parents, grandparents, children, college students, and even medical providers worked together to paint four messages on the 34th Street Wall, aimed at the governor, the county commission, and the school board. The messages included “Stop masking our kids,” “Stop tyrant leaders Alachua,” “Free our faces #unmaskalachua,” and “Stop face diapers.”

  • Bet $5 the Gainesville Communist’ Commission utilizes tax dollars to paint over.

    • Oh, they’ll also do it in the dark of the night. You know, the same way they conduct their other “out of the sunshine” business.

    • Yeah, i won’t take that $5 bet…the Gville commi
      Commission will probably paint that “ stay at home
      Be a superhero” propaganda right on top of it….
      The freedom fighters who painted that on the wall
      Need to graffiti the message all around the city !!!
      On bus benches, garbage cans,
      on the city hall doors too! …no more masks! Let us breathe! …and we want plastic straws back too you

  • This is great!

    “Stop masking our kids” “Stop tyrant leaders Alachua” “Free our faces #unmaskalachua” “Stop face diapers”

  • We should have a “ stop wearing face masks day”
    On April 1st….I’m already celebrating!!! Someone
    Email Poe, Hutch, Biden & the Govenuh!!! Viva la revolucion!!! We’ve had enough!!!

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