“Peace in Action: A Community Gun Violence Prevention Resource Fair” to be held Saturday, March 18

Press release from Peace in Action organizers

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – “Peace in Action: A Community Gun Violence Prevention Resource Fair” will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, March 18, at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church Rev. T.A. Wright Family Life Center at 2505 NE Eighth Ave.

There will also be a private space, co-sponsored by M.A.M.A.s Club, for gun violence survivors (i.e., those who have been a victim of, had a loved one injured or killed by, or witnessed gun violence) to share conversation and support.

Free food, music, gifts, and door prizes will also be given away to those in attendance.

The event will be hosted by the local chapters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, The Finer Foundation of Florida Inc., and Children’s Trust of Alachua County.

  • It is not “gun” violence, it is PEOPLE violence. People kill with cars, hammers, and knives also.

  • Good intentions but they may want to schedule the time a little later in the day when people are awake. Having been to some of the targeted audience’ neighborhoods, many don’t get moving until 11 or 12. It’s one thing when the message falls on deaf ears, something entirely different when those ears aren’t in the congregation.

    May want to offer free door prizes; extra mags, body armor or free food. Incentives! Kind of like offering something for not working.

    Can’t help but wonder whether Ward, Willets & Saco will be attendance. Doubtful, not election time and some are just hypocrites.

  • The culture that created the “gun violence” is the root cause. It’s the same culture that prevents Publix and Golden Corral from setting up shop in some areas.

    • The “culture” that created it is called systemic White Supremacy AKA “racism”, they created the Predicament and atmosphere.

      • Hey Josh: I bet you aren’t very successful in life being a black racist & hater…get a job & get off section 8 & Welfare and stop blaming it On others & slavery. Pulling the race card is no way to win this debate.

      • 🤣🤣🤣 You win! Funniest and most absurd comment of the month.

  • Sounds good in theory & looks great ‘on paper’ but let’s just be honest here: this does nothing to curb gun violence & the violent crime in east Gainesville. It’s one day for 2 hours, and pretty much the equivalent to one of the city commission’s smoke-screen responses to black-on-black crime. (Silence being their other usual response).

    • There’s no such thing, there is just crime. Ever thought why the term “White On White crime” ? It’s about propaganda and putting an false narrative out. Whites are murdering each other regularly, but you never hear “White On White ” crime in the media. All about deception.

      • Trying being truthful. You miss the Murdaugh case? It dominated the media coverage.

  • About the most effective thing they could do is to pass out free condoms (not that they’d use them).

    • I’m sensing desperation from you, perhaps because your group numbers are dwindling and there’s nothing you or others who think like you can do nothing about to reverse it.

  • Can they address the drug dealing, unwed mothers, & black on black crime at this event too? “Guns don’t kill people…People kill people”.

  • We should break down these crimes by 1) legally obtained firearms 2) are these crimes committed by people who are allowed firearms 3) where are these crimes occurring 4) was there previous contact by shooters and victims in these crimes 5) is this gang activity.

    Stop acting like this is ALL of our county!

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