Peaceful Paths statement on July 9 domestic homicide

Press release from Peaceful Paths

In light of the tragic homicide related to domestic violence this past weekend, Peaceful Paths remains committed to survivors of domestic violence (DV) and intimate partner violence (IPV). 

If you or someone you know is in danger or would like to talk to an advocate, contact us:  
24-Hour Helpline at 352-377-8255
Text 24-hours a day to 352-727-0948

The incident on July 9th marks the sixth domestic violence related homicide to affect Alachua County in the past two years. Life stressors in addition to the pandemic have also contributed to an increase in domestic violence and have been highlighted nationally as a growing concern for many domestic violence service programs. Recent research states, “The pandemic, like other kinds of disasters, exacerbates the social and livelihood stresses and circumstances that we know lead to intimate partner violence,” researcher Clare Cannon found (Asst. Professor of Social & Environmental Justice, UC Davis). While these life circumstances do not cause domestic violence, they can certainly lead to increased physical danger and fatalities.

Statistics from the National Coalition against Domestic Violence report that 37% of Florida women and 29% of Florida men experience IPV violence their lifetimes. Last year Peaceful Paths provided over 33,000 nights of safe housing in our emergency shelter, assisted 643 clients with legal needs and legal referrals, and answered close to 4,500 helpline calls. Executive Director of Peaceful Paths, Dr. Theresa Beachy states, “Peaceful Paths remains vigilant in our mission to Save Lives and Create Change. We will continue to serve our community members and advocate at all levels for increased prevention and education surrounding DV and IPV, increased services for survivors, and legislative change that holds batterers accountable and increases safety for victims and their families.” 

Peaceful Paths serves victims and survivors in Alachua, Bradford, and Union Counties. Services include a 24-Hour Helpline, emergency shelter, support group and crisis counseling, injunction support and legal referrals, economic empowerment and financial literacy, and housing support. 

All services are confidential and provided free of charge. In addition to providing direct services for victims and survivors, Peaceful Paths provides community education and violence prevention programming to community members of all ages. Please visit our website at www.peacefulpaths.org for more information. 

  • It’s a byproduct of housing costs, forcing housemates to couple up who may NOT be right for each other. This is why a basic housing policy and urban planning change needs to include our single adult essential workers and similar income homeOWNERS. Not more subsidized renters.

    • With all due respect, every ill of humanity is not the result of some governmental housing policy, good or bad. There is domestic partner violence in all economic strata.

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