Pedestrian hit and killed in Newberry

From Florida Highway Patrol Press Release

NEWBERRY, Fla. – A Newberry man was hit by a car last night on Newberry Road and pronounced dead at the scene.

At 9:32 p.m. Sunday night, a 26-year-old Newberry man was hit by a car driven by a 19-year-old Gainesville man near the intersection of SR 26 and SW 260th Street. The only other information provided by Florida Highway Patrol was that the Newberry man was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver and passenger of the car did not sustain any injuries.

  • As with the other weekend pedestrian fatality in Gainesville, no information is provided about charges etc on this one. Of course this fatality is tragic. Another local news site says that the 19-year old Gainesville male driver in Newberry had a 15-year old female passenger from Lake City, maybe he was blinded by prospect of dashboad-light paradise and authorities don’t want to talk about it.

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