Pedestrian killed at University & 13th

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

On Thursday, March 10, at approximately 7:45 p.m., several Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers responded to calls reporting a traffic crash at the intersection of NW 13th Street and West University Avenue.

Officers discovered that a pedestrian crossing 13th Street eastbound collided with an RTS bus traveling northbound on 13th Street. The pedestrian, a 38-year old male, was transported to UF Health Shands where he later succumbed to his injuries.

This remains an on-going investigation. At this time, no citations or arrests have been made.

  • Terrible. How do these things happen? They did all that
    Traffic calming stuff in that area and no right turn from University to 13th too…the guy was NOT crossing at the crosswalk…
    I did not see the accident happen but was exiting Peisanis pizza and wondering what was the commotion
    And the sirens of rescue vehicles were on their way…
    There’s sometimes panhandlers in the median there and
    At that intersection. “A pedestrian traveling eastbound collided with a bus traveling Northbound on 13th”?
    Do they mean the guy jaywalked? It says nothing
    Else in the press release…whatever happened,
    It’s tragic… One thing for sure: they need to stop panhandling in the street medians and this could have
    Been the result of that. The city commission & the interim city manager needs to stop street median
    Panhandlers because it’s a public safety hazzard ASAP.

  • A lot of peds wear dark clothes at night, they missed the day of skool teaching us to wear white or bright clothes when outside walking biking at night. Sad tragedy.

  • Looks like the city commish is going to have to get rid of RTS if they want to become a zero pedestrian death city. Anything less and they just don’t care

  • City commissioners get my vote!

    To be used as speed bumps…Poe and Ward can be the speed tables since they occupy the most surface area.

    Harvey “Two Face” can double as a flashing light after the next election. I’m pretty confident he’ll be flashing 10 shades of red.

  • Wonder if they were textwalking or jaywalking? Either way, tragic but neither cars or buses are able to stop on a dime.

  • People on the left like to pretend it’s not true, but electric and hybrid vehicles are substantially heavier than their gasoline-powered counterparts, and their stopping distance is several feet longer. That would also apply to electric/hybrid buses. It’s a trade-off between “being green” and actually saving lives in the real world.

  • When people jaywalk in front of moving vehicles, which is common there, bad things happen. I feel badly for the bus driver and the person — sometimes when trying to get from A to B as a hurried pedestrian in traffic I have made rash or hasty decisions. We can’t legislate against this — traffic is already slow but also very dense in that area. The traffic calming bumps on university work well and were cheap and far better than more stoplights

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