Perry files bill to prohibit mask mandates


State Senator Keith Perry has introduced SB 452, which would prohibit counties and municipalities from requiring citizens of the United States to submit to any medical procedure or receive any medical treatment. It also prohibits counties, municipalities, and schools from requiring the wearing of a face covering.

The bill amends Florida Statutes Section 381.0016 to add limitations to the public health regulations that can be enacted by counties and municipalities, including prohibiting any requirements to receive any medical procedure or medical treatment or wear a face covering.

It also creates Section 1001.4201 to prohibit school boards from requiring any person to wear a face covering “unless the policy is authorized by a specific enabling statute that references this section.” Another new section, 1001.5101, prohibits school superintendents from requiring any person to wear a face covering, and Section 1001.55 extends the prohibition to principals.

Each section defines “face covering” as “any item attached to a person’s face or head which is intended to slow or prevent the transmission of any illness or disease, including, but not limited to, personal protective equipment, respirators, face shields, or cloth masks.”

If passed, the law would take effect on July 1, 2022. The bill text is available here.

In a release on social media, Perry said, “Local governments across the state have been persistently violating COVID-19 policies. I filed this bill to further codify the medical liberties of all Floridians and fight against government overreach. We must keep fighting against the cities and counties that have held a complete disregard for the rights of private citizens and protections enacted by the governor.”

  • This is great! The medical tyranny must end. There is
    Hope. Thanks Senator Perry. Masks are creepy. We need to breathe. We need to see each others’ faces…God bless you, Gov. DeSantis, the great State of Fl, & America! The only thing better is if it was enacted now! My body, my choice!

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