Perry files bills prohibiting mask and vaccine mandates

Photo courtesy of Senator Keith Perry


State Senator Keith Perry filed two bills yesterday for the 2022 regular session to prohibit mask and vaccine mandates; these bills may or may not be considered in the upcoming special session.

SB 592, Face Covering Mandates, provides that a county or municipality “may not require that any citizen of the United States wear a face covering.” The bill also says that school boards, school superintendents, and school principals may not require face coverings “unless the policy is authorized by a specific enabling statute that references this section.” The bill takes effect upon becoming a law. The bill is co-sponsored by Senator Tom Wright of District 14, which covers parts of Volusia and Brevard Counties.

SB 594, Discrimination on the Basis of COVID-19 Vaccination or Postinfection Recovery Status, states that governmental entities may not require documentation of COVID-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery status as a condition of licensure or certification in Florida. This is added to the language from SB 2006 (passed in the 2021 regular session) that says governmental entities may not require documentation of a COVID-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery status to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the governmental entity.

The bill adds a new section that prohibits COVID-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery status as a condition of employment by any employer, including, but not limited to, business entities, educational institutions, and governmental entities. A person’s COVID-19 vaccination status also may not be used to discriminate against a person with respect to compensation, classification, professional status, tenure, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment or any other differential treatment until all of these conditions are met: 1) The COVID-19 vaccine has been fully licensed and approved for use; 2) The COVID-19 vaccine has been clinically evaluated for its long-term potential to cause cancer, impair fertility, mutate genes, and cause automimmune, neurological, or any other chronic or serious adverse effects; 3) The FDA’s clinical trial has been evaluated for its safety for at least 3 years using a randomized double-blind control group; 4) Published, peer-reviewed studies on the vaccine’s safety have been completed over the short, medium, and long terms; 5) The risk of the vaccine has been proven to be less than that caused by COVID-19, based on the person’s age and demographic group; 6) There are no available non-pharmaceutical interventions or effective pharmaceutical treatments to reduce the risk or infection or severe disease or mortality; 7) COVID-19 must present a grave health risk to the specific population that is required to receive it; 8) The COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to prevent person-to-person transmission of the targeted infection.

Even if all of those conditions are met, employers are required to accept objections on moral, ethical, religious, or philosophical beliefs. The bill also grants a right of action in circuit court to recover damages and reasonable attorney fees if a governmental entity violates the provisions of the bill.

The bill takes effect on becoming a law and is also co-sponsored by Senator Wright.

  • One word: Freedom—-and thank you,
    “ you can’t have peace without freedom & liberty”…

  • You mean to say you would take the presumptive authority’s aware from the mandate rulers of the Sh-tty of Gainesville’s 3 White Woke Musketeers (ward, po, Hayes)? I thought they could violate state law whenever they want while wasting millions of other people’s money.

  • I think Perry is being a Political Pu**y. If he is so against protective gear, outlaw seatbelts and googles while riding a motorcycle, prevent a construction employer from requiring safety boots. If he is anti-vaccine no government entity should be allowed to require any vaccine. Why is he choosing only Covid-19 masks and mandates? Because this is about politics and not about safety or freedom.

  • Mark K was shooting sad blanks for pay👁️Mark K had so much empty to say…

  • Gainesville FBISIS has so much more to SandyHookerSay while hiding forensics all the SkySprayedWay (needs more ThomasCraveyMichaelBrinkleyLeoLambGravy while DrivelDronesGetSoUnitedNationsMurderIncPharmaCrazy)

  • Hi Swampy – your rhymes still are kinda weird and you should stay off the conspiracy websites, they seem to be clouding your common sense. Although it seems likely that you never had much to begin with. But enough with the silly little barbs – my point is Perry is just trying to score easy political points with low hanging Covid fruit. If you are against safety equipment and vaccines – be against them. He is just picking masks and Covid vaccine because it will him votes.

    • The troubles with your propaganda-warped reasoning Mark K are many. To start with, comparing seatbelt requirements to medical procedure mandates is ridiculous. Have you been fired from your job, barred from events and otherwise shunned from society for not wearing your seat belt? Is there a seat belt on your bicycle to protect you from the relatively insignificant risks posed to the bicycle riding population? Or how about the fact that other vaccine mandates wouldn’t have many problems meeting the enumerated stipulations in this bill and that the final caveat is just a restatement of the most prominent current interpretation of a right already afforded to US citizens by our Constitution?

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