Person stabbed in downtown Gainesville Saturday night


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A person was stabbed in downtown Gainesville last night and was trauma-alerted to UF Health Shands with non-life-threatening injuries.

Around midnight last night, Gainesville Police Department officers responded to a report that someone was stabbed in a downtown parking garage near the 100 block of W. University Avenue. The incident began with a fight in a nearby nightclub and resulted in the stabbing in the parking garage. A GPD spokesman said the victim was found in the roadway.

    • downtown would be safer if a K-9 unit did a patrol and also patrolled that parking garage after 10pm. All bars and nightclubs should be closed by 11pm and no alcohol served on Sundays.

  • Really makes you want to go downtown and frequent their restaurants and other businesses. Liberal policies are bad for businesses. After all the shooting and now stabbing who wants to park in their parking garage?

    • This is the latest violent crime incident in the City parking garage… not the first.

      The City parking garage has a track record of homicides, shootings, and violent crime.

  • There was no gun involved, so obviously the violence was very minor, barely worth noting, certainly not worthy of a pearl clutching, chest pounding “where have we all gone wrong” community meeting.

  • Downtown Wokeville is doomed as more people choose Celebration Pt. and other suburban entertainment districts for safer times out. Just getting people to feel safe parking downtown is a challenge.

    • Some new places have started opening north of downtown, off NW 8th to 10th Ave. The Arcade Bar / University Club corner is more “tame” than over by Simon’s and that whole quadrant. I still wouldn’t go on a Friday night.

  • Open all the roads downtown that have been closed since Covid. People could utilize those (safer) parking spaces instead of stuffing more and more people into the (less safe) parking garage like rats stuffed into a cage.

  • For clarification since the author of the article didn’t specify, the garage in question was not the city parking garage. My understanding is that it was a private garage north of University Ave.

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