Possum Creek Skate Park lighting improvements are underway!

Press release from the City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla – A lighting project has begun at Possum Creek Park with the anticipated completion date in May. The project includes lighting the skate park, parking lot, and a path to the restroom building. Musco Sports Lighting, LLC is managing the work in coordination with Vintage Electric, Inc. and M. Gay Constructors, Inc. 

Possum Creek Park will remain open while the work takes place. The estimated project cost is $154,500.

  • Guess the local “fees” GRU takes from us is going to pay for that.
    Obviously the liberal tree huggers don’t really care about light pollution do they?
    On the bright side, if someone gets hurt they can call one of the many ambulance chasers in town and claim there was a “dark” spot due to improper lighting.

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