Power out along E. University Avenue after crash into power pole

Press release from Alachua County Fire Rescue

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – At 1:59 p.m. on Sunday afternoon we received a call about a vehicle accident at the intersection of East University Ave and SE 43rd St. When units arrived on scene, they found two vehicles involved in a high-speed collision. One of the vehicles hit a wooden power pole and broke it into three pieces and pulled the bottom portion of the pole out of the ground.

Both patients were treated and transported to local hospitals. ACFR would like to remind everyone to treat electrical wires down as live until the power company can secure the power to the area.

GRU is reporting that 593 customers are without power along E. University Avenue.

  • This looks like the kind of wreck you would see on the Interstate, where people are crashing at 90 MPH. What the heck are you people doing travelling at these kinds of speeds inside city limits?!? Where do you have to be that is so important that it is worth ending up in a wreck like this? How about trying something novel, people. When the speed limit sign says 45, how about for once trying to go no more than 45! I know this sounds lame to do for many of you, but believe me wrecks like this will NEVER happen within city limits if you do no more than what the speed limit says.

    • This is truly sad that you have had to say this. And unfortunately I was doing the speed limit in the slow lane today on Williston road, while someone chose to ride my rear so close that if I had had to turn they certainly wouldn’t have seen the turn signal and would have plowed into me, they the. Began honking horribly (I didn’t speed up or slow down… my son (11) turned to look behind us as they were honking and the LADY flipped him off. Again unfortunately it does no good to report it because unless the cop sees it they can’t do any thing.
      These people driving so erratically need to stop and think about what would
      Happen if they killed themsleves or another because they want to be an idiot.

    • I travel that section all of the time and people treat it like there is no speed limit.
      I’ve had log and sand trucks pass me on E University that had to be going at least 60-65 mph.

    • No, I’m sure they’ll protest tomorrow saying the power pole shouldn’t have been put there, there were no signs or about the person that was pulling out from the stop sign, it’s definitely all of their fault and speed had nothing to do with it. RIP “To the power pole” crazy how them things just jump out at ya all the time.

  • Time for city leaders to overreact and call for the banning of power poles…or at least pushing them back 20 ft from the roadway.
    This is just the thing city leaders need as an excuse to raise utility rates again.

  • Just what GRU workers wanna do on a Saturday, work overtime in District 1 — and watch their paycheck bounce next Friday.

  • Looks like another Dodge Challenger smashed… wonder what rental car company will be looking for auntie come Monday morning…

    • “this could have been a lot worse” my friend is dead and her fiance is comatose. that’s highly insensitive.

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