Premeditated homicide charge added in infant abuse case


A new charge of first degree premeditated homicide has been added against Keyshawn Wanya Bailey, 26, who was arrested Tuesday on a charge of aggravated child abuse against a baby he was watching.

Bailey called 911 around noon Tuesday, saying that he found the 7-month-old baby choking. When Gainesville Police Department (GPD) arrived, they observed a large hematoma on the back of the baby’s head and also saw a blanket with a brown stain that appeared to be blood. Bailey reportedly told officers that the blood belonged to the baby.

The baby was transported to Shands Pediatric ER, and a CT scan showed subdural hematomas on both sides of the head, a fractured skull, and brain swelling. Medical staff advised GPD that the baby is not likely to survive the injuries and that the injuries could only have been caused by blunt force to the baby’s head.

The baby’s mother was at work when Bailey called 911, and she told GPD that after she left for work, less than an hour before Bailey called 911, only Bailey, the baby, and a 3-year-old were in the residence.

The baby’s mother also showed GPD a photo of the baby with injuries to his nose, discoloration under his left eye, and scratches on his face, sent to her by Bailey on Friday, November 19, while she was at work. She showed GPD texts from Bailey, sent November 19, allegedly saying that the baby kept cutting himself; Bailey blamed something in the bassinet. Bailey also told her to cancel their weekend plans because “I’m tired of this baby.” The baby’s mother told officers that the baby had no other injuries besides the cut on his nose when she left for work yesterday morning, and she had no explanation for the new injury to his head.

Post Miranda, Bailey reportedly denied knowing anything about how the baby’s injuries occurred, saying he found the baby in his bassinet, choking on a white fluid. He later reportedly admitted to dropping the baby twice, once on Friday and once today, but he denied that dropping the baby caused the injuries in the photo he sent the baby’s mother. According to the arrest report, Bailey eventually admitted to causing the cut on the baby’s nose, saying he was play fighting and accidentally punched the baby with his knuckle, causing it to split and bleed. Bailey later reportedly admitted that he intentionally jabbed the baby in the face with his fist out of frustration, causing the injuries in the photo. He continued to say that he did not intentionally injure the baby on the day of the 911 call but did drop him.

Bailey’s relationship to the baby is redacted on the arrest report. He is being held on $1,000,000 bail on the child abuse charge and $5,000,000 on the homicide charge.

  • This is so sad and tragic. That poor little baby…. And I’m sure that the toddler has been abused by this monster as well.
    I’m thankful, and pleasantly surprised, that we seen to have appropriate bond setting guidelines and fairly reasonable sentencing guidelines in our area.
    I guess George Soros hasn’t paid enough to destroy our local criminal justice system yet…
    After Waukesha, it is eye-opening to see how bad things could be…
    This mom obviously failed to watch out for her kids. After the first injury to get baby, that guy should never have been allowed to be a caregiver for a vulnerable infant and toddler.
    Is losing her baby to a heartless child killer enough punishment, and enough of a deterrent? Will she take better care of her toddler now? I sure hope so…

    • Do you know the family? Don’t you think the Mom is kicking herself in the behind? She definitely doesn’t need to read put downs from a Karen who has no idea if the monster is the child’s father. Women need to support each other and help straightening crowns instead of knocking it off.

      • Maybe there needs to be a mandate by Brandon that
        You have to get a permit first & have the means to be able to support &
        Care for & educate a child before you can conceive one…maybe that would stop tragedies like this one…
        Brandon’s mandating the jab, he can mandate that…
        My body, my choice…ha.

        • That will never happen…abortion is big biz and
          They need stem cells to make the Vax.

      • I assume you are referring to me…
        I do not know the family. I have no idea if the mom is kicking herself. (She sure should be. If she isn’t, her toddler needs to be raised by someone else.)
        Women can support each other by encouraging one another to do what is right, and make the difficult, but good decisions for themselves and their children.
        This tragic case seems to be yet another example of of severe cultural dysfunction that needs to be turned around somehow.
        I think another reader, who probably could not be called a “Karen” by anyone, put it pretty well in her comment below…

        Children is my world
        I haven’t ate since hearing this how could the mother not know what was being done to her baby a cut on his nose how do a 7 month old do that im sure from the punches to his face showed some kinda of swelling. If the blows was hard enough to split his skin im sure after days of being dropped he showed signs of being distraught i hate weak ass hoes who listen to whatever a man tell them i hate weak ass hoes who doesn’t pay attention. Less observant when it come to their kids that baby couldn’t talk he look to his mother to take care of him in protect him. In use her a instincts in she failed him she should go to jail for child neglect

        • First off you do not know what’s going on because if it was your child it will be something different and second you can’t always believe what these site or the news people say.. because you wasnt the only God and him knows so mind your business..good day ☺️

  • This scumbag should be put away for good. I wonder if even the mother knows who the father is? Bad choices all around led to this baby’s death. I wonder what kind of record this guy had? Should he have been in jail?

  • Why is a bond even on the table wtf is wrong with people the bigger crime is giving a guilty upfront person a bond his freedom was revoked when he decided to do that to a baby to anyone

    • You have a strong point there…
      Emotionally, I want to agree with you. The monster who killed that baby should never see the light of day again, and it sure looks like he is the one who did that to the poor baby…
      I have to remind myself that it is good that we have a longstanding criminal justice system that operates on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and that posting appropriate bond tries to balance that with protecting society.
      Hopefully, this guy won’t be able to post a $6,000,000.00 bond. I doubt his family and friends are rushing to support him by coming up with that kind of money. (Hopefully, Soros won’t…) I’m so glad he doesn’t have a ridiculously low bond to make…
      And, hopefully, after a fair trial, he will be sentenced appropriately, made to pay his penalty to society and never have contact with a child ever again…

      • 🙄 he has me and if my cousin need it I have it….sheesh worry about the wrong thing

      • Yes he got support til end and hope u dont end up in this situation critic!!!

  • I haven’t ate since hearing this how could the mother not know what was being done to her baby a cut on his nose how do a 7 month old do that im sure from the punches to his face showed some kinda of swelling. If the blows was hard enough to split his skin im sure after days of being dropped he showed signs of being distraught i hate weak ass hoes who listen to whatever a man tell them i hate weak ass hoes who doesn’t pay attention. Less observant when it come to their kids that baby couldn’t talk he look to his mother to take care of him in protect him. In use her a instincts in she failed him she should go to jail for child neglect

  • Excuse my language in my first post I was in foster care I know what it feels like to be hurt as a child and no one there to help you you don’t know who to tell and you don’t know who to talk to im trying to start a non profit business for children and mothers because of this very reason this has been bothering me so heavily these last couple of days I have almost broke down this is the second death this year of a child that I know of in Gainesville the first one hitting close to home Delia Young will never be forgotten and I will see to that I blame these monsters for what they did as well as I blame the people who allow these things to happen if they would have opened their eyes and follow their instincts and evaluated the evidence this baby life could have been saved had the mother open her eyes warning comes before destruction it is so important not to be nonchalant about what’s happening around you cuz once it’s done you can’t go back and undo these kids didn’t ask to be here nobody cares cuz it’s not their kids but these kids are our future should know that this baby suffer for days to be punched in the face I can’t even imagine what what’s going through that baby’s mine why is this happening to me to think about that thought makes me sick I’m try so hard to keep my sanity this is happening too frequently if you had better supervision better instincts kids would be alive today if I came home from work and my baby had a cut on their nose at 7 months that person would have never watch my baby again

  • Karen whoever you are worry bout your own, and hope they dont do something too you, dont judge when you dont know the whole story!!!

  • Long story short if you not him or God you do not know what happen bc if yours you will be done have a damn fit and I know half of y’all can’t talk about no one bc you have to sweep around your own porch before you can sweep some else …now God bless all of to all y’all.☺️☺️

  • And up in what situation don’t nobody fight kids critic and you don’t understand cuz it ain’t your baby dead you can support him cuz it’s going to be a short Journey for him y’all keep talking my son we don’t know what’s going on we don’t need to know what’s going on all we need to know that a baby died at his hands that’s the story the hell

    • Worry bout your journey, cuz putting your nose where it dont belong get u fucked up!

        • 😱😱😱 I’m shaking in my boots like you can’t get f***** up as well what the f*** you talk you think God only made one bad b**** y’all hoes is some f****** clowns

    • On a clock when im typing to lame ass. People. Who defending a baby killer i hope they fry his ass. Your cousin gonna wish he wouldve killed his self when they send him to prison in them boys find out what he did they ginna beat gim like he beat that baby hoe god is gonna judge him dummy thou should not kill im simply stating how i feel about your lame ass cousin in getting paid while im doing it u cant stop people from stating they feelings when it comes to some sh×× sad. As this a baby lost his life before he got a chance to live because of your angry cousin. He picked a defenseless baby to fight on. His big over grown ass still breathing for now wtf that baby is gone hoe what is u saying aint no defending that boo u look stupid like your cousin

      • 😂😂😂 girl you funny asf but do you get paid to be on her I think tf not dumb ass …but again as I say was you there …um no you wasn’t…and me n my mf cousin is far from dumb baby girl…but just know he straight baby girl and mind your business… sheesh…and it seem like you hit from my last post…. Like I said Last time GOOD Day.😘

        • Clearly cant read or comprehend on a clock typing lame ass hoes it good when u can sit on your ass in get paid

        • U will never convince me of sh××😒 i comprehend very well in analyze all the evidence in front of me what u need to do is be planning your cousin funeral👀 hoe. U dumb as hell if u think the judge gonna be dumb like u in believe your cousin didnt do. I dont have one inch of remorse for your clown ass cousin he didnt have no remorse for that baby. Like he said he tired of this baby i guess everybody lieing 🤥on your cousin🙄 bye felisha i dont get tried 🗽😝

        • U better hope me in my whole crew in half the world. Dont post in front of the courthouse on his court date with signs fry that bit×h. I aint never scared imma ride for these kids to the buss out i dont see u hoe ill make u see my face in show what business imma mind in who gonna stop me Thats y i fight so hard for these kids cause of people like u trying to justify what was done to this baby like i said i hate weak ass hoes i gotta lotta home girls. With kids who disgusted about this sh×× in we dont care who knows sound like im finna get a boycott started in. Lets see if his cousin kenya k shows her ugly a$$ up u funny hoe

        • Play with yo momma before u play with me get on my bad side in see what happen ill make sure your cousin get his u dont know who i know im all in for children period……….

        • Is your dumb a×× forgetting interrogation is recorded he said he hit the baby in the face play fighting lmao damn what a dummy if he had injuries to his skull clearly. Wasnt nothing no play don’t argue with me hoe argue with the facts

  • Clearly your cousin dumb hitting killing kids😳now sitting in jail finna get a life sentence put on your cape in go save that baby killer i dont have to be there the evidence dont lie hoe i guess the baby did it to his self u even dumber if u believe that. U didnt strike sh×× your cousin did when he put his hands on that baby them boys up the road waiting for your cousin right now they gonna poke 🍆that a×× for what he did to that baby if the guards dont get him first😉 u is dumb u didnt comprehend when i said on a clock getting paid that didnt cross your ese mind to think i sit on my ass in get paid to be on my phone my whole 9 hrs 🏁beive it or not your cousin going to prison boo boo🤓 last time children is my world in they all. Belong to me in god i am minding mine these kids hoe justice for that baby i hate your cousin breathing in eating in that baby not dumb hoe do me a favor in kill yourself 💋

  • He is not a monster he was raised very well he was in the army serving our country his pstd hit him hard he made a mistake in use his anger on his kid which he should have hit the wall he was a great guy I went to school with him grew up with him since diapers so for Karen that’s saying he a monster no ma’am his name is Keyshawn n sadly he has to pay for what he did his first time ever even going to jail first time ever getting in trouble with the law period this young man had a whole future ahead he always been respectful and did n made the right choices after been in the army he change a lil idk what he was dealing with personally but I pray for him n his family cs the mother is also dealing with this tragedy of her family so please stop calling him a monster ms Karen cs I’m pretty sure someone in your family is monster as well nobody perfect everyone make big or lil mistake n I’m pretty sure you made a lot of them

    • Look. nobody can change how people feel about this period we are entitled to our own opinion it’s not like he stole a piece of candy a baby is dead I get that people get angry but he know right from wrong he could punched a wall or something ain’t nobody going to justify making it seem like he didn’t know what he was doing when he was hitting that baby that’s just point blank anybody that says any differently is a fool all I’ve been hearing is people trying to justify what he did ain’t no justification for that if that’s the case everybody gets frustrated everybody’s have problems everybody got mental illness is out here and ain’t nobody choosing to harm no kids nobody didn’t say we didn’t have f***** up people in their family but ain’t none of them killing no kids though that’s the point as for his family I feel sorry for them what he did is not their fault but you can’t be mad about people being angry because of baby is dead that’s just stupid and by the way Karen been stop texting the name up top clearly shows who’s texting so there is no more can she been stopped this me the f*** children is my world

    • He is a monster cuz only a monster do something like that I said what I said and that’s what it is let’s see if he going to be angry and punch any of them boys he in the jailhouse with let’s see if he know the difference between a baby in a grown ass man if he’s so angry he’ll be fighting the boys in jail right now shows clearly he knows what he’s doing he ain’t trying to fight nobody that’s going to fight back all I’ve been hearing is about this boy who killed his baby but nobody have yet to mention this baby that’s cold that’s in a casket who mother got to bury her child you talking about his mother but what about the mother of the baby he killed all because he angry he grown ass man that don’t know how to control his anger go in there to that court with that b******* in the judge going to really slammed his ass cuz not one time are y’all having Sympathy for the victim who is no longer here with us you are Monster for siding with a monster what the f$$$ is going on around this place a baby die at the hands of somebody else and all I can see is people I’m a ride for my cousin what who going to ride for that baby I guess me are any of the kids all of them

      • No no boo boo if you go back to what I said is don’t judge if you not know the whole mf story..but guess what God got the last say so..🙄 but continue to have a bless day bc I’m not going back and forth with you.😂😂😂 And I’ma be there for him… period good day

    • Yes I made mistakes but ain’t no babies die from my mistakes boo everybody makes mistakes that’s not what I’m saying this right here was over the f****** cop though the f*** is wrong with y’all people ya’ll better be glad I ain’t that baby mama that’s just why I’m trying to get my business started for s*** like this stuff happening to these kids y’all brushing it under the rug like it’s nothing stuff happening to these kids y’all treat me like it’s a piece of candy that got stolen out of the store y’all treating it like nothing’s wrong the f*** I’m angry as hell and I don’t give a f*** who know it ya’ll eating chilling with breathing and his baby is gone

    • I promise you I don’t get tired I would do this s*** all day and all f****** night about these f****** kids we posed to be here to protect and we have them to protect them to love them how is it protecting them and we basically fed them to a monster kids are innocent children are innocent y’all are not going to win this fight with me because my whole business that I’m trying to get is based off of children so if you don’t understand what I’m saying then quit f****** with me cuz I’m telling you I’ma just f*** with you more the abuse that goes on with these kids physically sexually and mentally I’m trying to combat this s*** me against the world

    • Tired of this children being abused sexually mental in physically in everybody taking it lightly its not even my baby and it’s been on my heart Heavenly while y’all are eating in hanging out in breathing I don’t give a f*** about that girl baby it shows all y’all keep talking about his wack ass ithat killed him as y’all see I’ve been on this for days out of all the stories that go on why this one that should tell you something it just don’t make no sense to me none whatsoever so what you think of Judge going to do man bye Felicia my God ya’ll better be glad I ain’t the one judging I ain’t the damn judge that’s for sure but I don’t think it’s going to make a difference cuz he going to feel the same mother fuking way he could have did a lot of things other than what he did all these women having kids you don’t think they get frustrated with their kids at the end of the day I don’t have to forgive him God do so

  • Slow hoe IQ low I’m pretty sure cuz you can’t comprehend🤷 worth the damn fu$k you no no thank you I’m pretty sure nobody is😜👀😑 I bet you ugly and bad body just like your 🤦cousin don’t need you to care about my forgiveness since you didn’t comprehend what I said Ain’t nobody got going to forgive him not even the damn judge😲😯😶 you ain’t scaring nobody over the internet you not scare nobody from practicing freedom of speech I don’t give a fuk how mad 😡😠you get you ain’t finna whoop nobody you ain’t the only bad b**** God made I bet you lonely ugly and nobody layup with and hold you at night I bet ain’t nobody f****** you goodnight Birdbrain unfortunately I do finna get back to it 🥒👅🤤😍😘👄so I can clock in on this clock and sit on my ass and get paid for it🤑

      • Im still he still we still☝ u still checking i see huh👀😕we will see who got the last laugh bet👅 ill be typing till, when, justice is served👮 or keep until😗😙😚😘😉gates

          • I am 🥒👀🤤☝👅💋👄😏 find somebody to fuk u🤦🤢 do that spend your time doing that cause hunty this is a waste u being mad aint gonna change keyshawn outcome dookie butt💩💩 u bet u look like a sh💩t stain. Bet u shape like this 💩

  • And children your world bitch get respect for yourself and worry bout your sorry ass excuse for a life before its too late

  • You must be smoking crack if you think you scaring anybody you got baby killers in your family what that says about your sorry-a$s life yes every child in this world belongs to me and if somebody f*** with them you going to hear my mouth don’t nothing scare me but God and maybe you should go suck di🥒k maybe you will keep it shut you doing all that about a baby killer I’m certified to shoot your ass in the f****** face so you’re not scaring me when is it going to be too late when I’ve been going on for weeks when are you going to turn those threats into action since you’re so powerful👀 please make my mother f****** day respect respect nothing I’ve been😜 sucking the same🥒 for years ho find a🥒 to suck

    • Girl that ain’t wat you wanna do…you done lost your mind thinking you gonna talk to my uncle like dat

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