Preschool teacher arrested for sexual battery on multiple 3-year-olds

Trevor Alec Hruby


Trevor Alec Hruby, 23, was arrested yesterday for sexual battery on two 3-year-olds at a local preschool.

At about 4:30 p.m. on Monday, September 13, a parent picked up her 3-year-old from daycare. While asking the child about her day, the parent learned that her daughter had a new assigned teacher. When there is a new person in the child’s life, this parent routinely asks her daughter if the person has ever touched her. On Monday, her daughter told her that the new teacher “stuck his finger in my vagina” during naptime that day.

Video footage from the classroom was reviewed, and it showed Hruby approaching the victim during naptime. Hruby appeared to intentionally move the victim (in her cot) behind a bookshelf, out of the camera’s direct view. The video showed Hruby sitting beside the victim and moving his left arm near her body. A few minutes later, the victim went to the bathroom; a parent and the school director entered the room while the child was in the bathroom, and Hruby got up and moved around the classroom until the child came out of the bathroom. She appeared to try to avoid Hruby by taking a longer route back to her cot. Hruby then approached her again and knelt next to her for several minutes before getting up and walking away.

On September 15, a forensic interview was conducted by the Child Advocacy Center, with the child giving details about what happened, saying that it hurt and that she had told Hruby that it hurt.

Post Miranda, according to the arrest report, Hruby admitted to massaging the child’s back and bare bottom under her clothing “to help her sleep.” He also admitted to inserting his fingers into her vagina to check for “moisture” and “other fluids” after he observed a stain on her pants. During the interview, he also admitted to sexually battering another 3-year-old female in the same classroom, in the same manner. That incident was also confirmed by a review of video from September 10.

Hruby admitted to being aware of “blindspots” of the camera, “due to previously being accused of molesting another child at a different daycare a year ago.”

The incident took place at A Child’s Dream (4127 NW 34th Street), where Hruby worked as a teacher.

Anyone who has questions or concerns about this incident or Hruby can contact GPD Detective Sergeant Jaron Griffin at 352-393-7734 or griffinja@cityofgainesville.org.

According to GPD, A Child’s Dream and their staff are fully aware of the incident that led to this arrest and remain in regular communication with GPD as the investigation continues.

  • This is so sad… Poor little girls!!!
    I’m glad this perp was caught before he did anything worse. I hope these little girls are able to somehow forget what happened to them and go forward and live normal lives. And that this guy is never allowed around another child again. How was he allowed around these kids after a previous accusation?

    • I suppose this should have been my first comment.

      The previous 3-4 years of my son’s choices to this point has really put a damper on our family. Prior to this situation and prior to any incident which may or may not have accured, Trevor expressed to his mother about him being depressed, because he believed the center was wanting to get rid of him. In this article, the video(s) in question were more than one week after their conversation.

      The thing Trevor is being accused is not like him at all. While he was in band and highschool, he was basically the “choosen one” to many of the teachers. Many students loved him, some envied him, while others hated him. He was not from Dixie county and did not have a local name – maybe that is my fault for not officially adopting him. In my experience in Dixie county, his kind (not referring to pedophiles) is not tolerated and are discouraged to succeed. An outsider should not be able to out perform the local names. He had to prove himself over and over and over, to show them he was exceptional.

      I warned him over and over he was to be different than the other students. The ones you notice bashing Trevor were the jealous ones. As you probably know, highschool and middle school students can and have been ruthless throughout history. I raised Trevor not to be like that, to respect adults, attempt help those who seem to be hurting, pick up those who have fallen, and let accusations roll off his back like water on a duck. For the most part, Trevor has held to this quality. The recent accusations are a little more difficult to roll off. If he is declared not guilty, he will still have to live with the accusations for a while.

  • Castration might not stop his behavior but it will sure make him think about fondling a young child again.

    Break out the shears!

  • I’m sorry, but someone else Is also at fault here if there were other previous allegations. How did he even get hired? That’s is in no way a responsible choice or looking out for the children’s best interest? The steps for employment there need to be seriously looked into.

    • Yeah the daycare owners should be held accountable, they have camera’s and did not view video footage on a regular basis. IE slips and falls , training off staff, or neglect to children. I truly hold them also responsible of what happen to all these innocent children.

      A class action lawsuit needs to be filled against daycare owners.

  • Why is there only one “teacher” left alone with children to begin with??????? Horrible

  • I am absolutley sick to my stomach at the thought of this happening to these small children…thank goodness she was able to use her words and let someone know. I am very curious how there are cameras in the room where the children were sleeping with only one teacher alone with them and no one at all saw MULTIPLE times where this sick pervert made his way beside the sleeping children for an extended period of time and no one AT ALL noticed this happening. I know that they dont sit there just staring at the camera but I would hope that there is some checks and balances in place where our children are being cared for. I have a small daughter and I am hopeful that I am never in the position of these parents in this kind of depraved circumstance. I pray that they can grow to get past this and that there is peace for these girls and their families. This guy on the other hand, I hope that he is dealt a strong punishment on this earth and an even stronger one on the other side. May he suffer the same mental terrorism that these poor girls will have to go through. Maybe one of this guys cell mates can “check his fluids”

  • I want to see the videos, as I am his father. I plan to visit Trevor tomorrow. If he says this is true, I will believe it. Until then, I will not believe the accusations.

    • no disrespect to you and your famil sir, But are you saying that you want to watch the videos of your son molesting those girls? He admitted that he did, although his reasoning is warped at best. I pray for peace for your family and your son.

      • If it is actually true, I will be angry with him. The reason I want to see the is to try and build a defense for my son. If it IS true, there is nothing else I can do, but to hope he will be forgiven, seeks counseling, and hope he will listen to Godly wisdom going forward. The worst thing a father can do with a troubled son or daughter is to turn his back on them. I have a decision to make, if the current accusations are true.

        Not to escape blame, but ever since he got involved with an ungodly girl, he has been having trouble in general.

        • Do not blame the actions of your son on an ‘ungodly girl’. He needs to face what he did, and you need to stop bringing excuses into this. And if you truly believe in God, then start understanding your son will definitely not be going to heaven.

          • Carrie…there is but one thing that does not allow entry into heaven. Although what this young man has been accused of and allegedly admitted to is abhorrent and vile, that will not prevent his being forgiven.

            There is but one person worth believing in…

          • Carrie, I don’t blame the ungodly girl. You have read words I have not typed.

            If Trevor did not actually do the thing which he is being accused, I believe he does need to be held accountable for the previous choices he has made which got him into this situation.

            He would not be able to be around any children for a while after his release, not even his siblings. That is really unfair for them.

            I believe he is currently being held accountable for rebelling against me and God. Unfortunately, his siblings are also paying the price.

        • There’s one person to blame here and that is your son! By what you and his mother are saying, the problem started with you two period! Unbelievable the enabling and justifications and excuses for something that is inexcusable period!

    • You are apart of the PROBLEM! He is lucky he is alive after what he did to those poor babies!

  • Until it is your child who is accused of such accusations, shut your pie whole. By the way, all you people need to stop cutting off semi trucks. Stop putting us truckers in danger.

    Am I angry? You better believe it.

    • Your anger is misplaced. You should be angry at your son for putting you in the position of hoping that the sexual allegations he has been accused of and supposedly admitted to are false.

      • He called me. He did not admit to anything outside of daycare protocol. I told him I will need to look into it further and discuss this in person. I need to see his facial expressions and body language.

        My anger is not misplaced. It is within context of my comment in which you replied.

        What if it was your child with the possibility of being innocent? What if you were a truck driver getting bullied by car drivers because they see you as a paycheck if they brake check you or cut you off and you unintentionally hit them because you cannot safely stop on a dime?

        You people want to judge before you hear the case. Everything is not as cut-and-dry as we would like. Furthermore, in the United States of America, we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

        • What is “you people?”

          I do appreciate, as many others do, your last sentence. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been happening much around here lately, (in these United States).

          Hopefully he will get his day in court. For your sake, I hope the alleged crime is unfounded, (for his as well). We try our best as parents to raise our children to have honesty, integrity, and character and we have to hope those qualities stay with them throughout their lives. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

          However, if he is guilty, I stand by my first comment.

    • Mr. Truck Driver, that sounds like a very horrible threat. Your choice of words are very peculiar.

      • “Renee”,the original poster of the phrase was CW. Try attacking the original poster, before accusing me of threats.

        • So my statement was directed at a grown man for “checking the fluids” of 3 year little girl and the fact that if he ends up behind bars for that horrific crime that perhaps someone can show him how terrible that could be for a child. Your comment to me was cyber threatening in its insinuation.

          • You only took my words the way you wanted. If you were in the same type of situation and you knew you were not guilty, would you want people to judge you in the same manner you have judged my son?

  • Everyone who is trying to accuse my son needs to research ‘Day-care sex-abuse hysteria’.

    • I actually went to school with him. This is awful, but I can’t really say it’s a surprise. I hope he stays in prison.

      • You must not have known my Trevor very well. What was his position in the highschool band?

        • I don’t know what his position was, but I could grab my yearbook and tell you who his picture was beside and what he was wearing.

          He was someone I didn’t want to associate with.

          • That’s probably because you were (are) a snob. There were some in school I thought it best for him not to associate, because of the snobbery. Although he was not valedictorian or solutitorian (but in the top 7% of his class), why did he get so many awards?

  • Day-care sex-abuse hysteria was a moral panic that occurred primarily during the 1980s and early 1990s, and featured charges against day-care providers accused of committing several forms of child abuse, including Satanic ritual abuse.[1][2] The collective cases are often colloquially called the “Satanic Panic.” A prominent case in Kern County, California, United States, first publicized the issue of day-care sexual abuse, and the issue figured prominently in news coverage for almost a decade. The Kern County case was followed by cases elsewhere in the United States, as well as Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, and various European countries.

    I don’t understand the correlation between satanic panic from the 80s and 90s and today’s children saying they believe your son was violating them and apparently the police are able to see he was over there and on various occasions being seen moving the children out of the cameras line of sight to do what exactly. I can’t imagine three-year-olds come up with inserting fingers in my vagina is just there every day words.

    • Years ago, there was a man who was accused of something similar. He was incarcerated for approximately six years, though he was innocent of the accusations. He was released on false allegations. The children were forced to accuse him of the crime. I don’t remember his name or the book I read. If (or when) I remember, I will post the book.

    • Even if it is not true? Maybe, that’s why GPD got to him first – they want to find out the truth. Perhaps, they wanted to stop a murder without a cause.

      • GPD got him because he sexually abuse multiple toddlers. They have him on surveillance video and have sufficient evidence to arrest him. Your love for your son has blinded you from the wretch that he is. Put yourself in the tiny little girl’s parents position, or better yet the poor little girls, absolutely terrified to move on her mat because this monstrosity is the only adult nearby. My heart is so heavy for these babies. Please get your other children psychological help,they have likely been abused as well

  • This mother f er better not let me ever see his face again. He did this to my little girl who is 5

    • Lies, lies, and more lies. Pitiful.

      There was another (not in FL) in this type of situation who was incarcerated for approximately six years on false accusations. He was released after finding out the children were coerced into using their imagination to put blame on an innocent man.

      • I’m sorry but if ur son ever did this to my kids I would have killed him before the cops got him. How tf r u gonna defended him. I understand that he is your son but what he did is wrong. I’m the article it clearly states that he as admitted to doing the things he did. And an article has to have police reports and statements in order to say someone said something. But if any man were to do this to my kids I would kill them.

  • Absolutely disgusting. Stop playing the blame game and make him take responsibility for his actions and his choices. Too much evidence to say it was just “protocol.” Never have I ever heard of any protocol to check a child’s fluids. That is absolutely insane. The wrath of God will surely prevail. Anybody in their right mind should not take up for this pedophile. Those poor babies…

    • Which “blame game”? Please help me understand. I have explained his previous choices (not related to these incidents which may or may not have accured) is why we are commenting on this article. Believe it or not, I have one common goal with all of you — to know the truth.

  • How did this go from pedophiles to truck drivers. So confusing. But a young child don’t just make this kind of stuff up

    • I was not there and I know the dad is going to argue with this… I may not know the facts of the case but I can tell from the dad’s comments and the reports that the ability to dance around words, split hairs, and twist truth into some warped defense is a family trait. And you can tell through the narcissism that they actually believe that anybody not buying their story is the problem. You can hear through the words of the father that any wrongdoings have always been danced around and made to be someone else’s fault. Classic narcissism bringing non-related issues in as a defense. What does band or awards or anything in high school have to do with this? I personally know someone I went to school with who always seemed to be a great guy and we were actually in band together he is now a registered sex offender because he was trafficking children. People can fool you. But this dad is just a fool.

  • He will get what he deserves in prison. There is no excuse for sticking fingers in or even rubbing her bare bottom. Better be glad it wasn’t my daughter bc he wouldn’t be in jail today I would kill for mine

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