Proposed medical freedom law prohibits COVID-19, mRNA, and EUA vaccine mandates

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A proposed medical freedom bill, titled “Protection from Discrimination Based on Health Care Choices” (SB 252/HB 1013) would prohibit COVID-19, mRNA, and EUA vaccine mandates. It would also prohibit mask mandates in most settings and would expand COVID-19 treatment options.

The below changes will take effect on June 1, 2023, if the bills pass and are signed into law by the governor.

Vaccine mandates

The nearly-identical bills prohibit businesses, governmental entities, or educational institutions from requiring proof of COVID-19, mRNA, or Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines for entry or services. Businesses, governmental entities, and educational institutions also may not discriminate against anyone based on their vaccination status (COVID-19, mRNA, or EUA vaccines); this includes firing and refusing to hire people. The prohibition on mRNA vaccine mandates expires on June 1, 2025.

Businesses, governmental entities, and educational institutions must provide religious and medical exemptions and accommodations for all other vaccines.

Mask mandates

The bills prohibit businesses, governmental entities, and educational institutions from requiring a face mask, a face shield, or any other facial covering that covers the mouth and nose unless the face mask is “required safety equipment consistent with occupational or laboratory safety requirements” or “required safety equipment in a course of study.” The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) will be responsible for adopting rules to cover those situations.

By August 1, healthcare providers will not be allowed to require any person to wear a facial covering “for any reason” unless those policies are published on their website or posted conspicuously in the lobby and the policies are in accordance with FDOH guidelines “for the appropriate use of facial coverings for infection control in health care settings,” which will be developed by July 1.

COVID-19 testing

Businesses may not require a COVID-19 test for entry or services or discriminate against anyone for their failure to take a COVID-19 test.

Treatments for COVID-19

A hospital may not interfere with a patient’s right to choose COVID-19 treatment alternatives as recommended by a healthcare practitioner with privileges at the hospital, as long as the practitioner has obtained informed consent from the patient.

A healthcare practitioner must provide informed consent from a patient diagnosed with COVID-19 before prescribing any medicine to treat the illness, and the practitioner must explain the alternative treatments along with their advantages, disadvantages, and risks. The practitioner must include any medications currently approved for COVID-19 treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and any alternative medications that the practitioner believes could help the patient.

Pharmacists who dispense alternative medications for COVID-19 cannot be disciplined by their board or by FDOH “based solely on such dispensing.”

International health organization policies

No governmental entity may adopt or enforce an international health organization’s public health policies or guidelines unless authorized under state law, rule, or an executive order issued by the governor.

Upcoming votes

The Senate bill is currently scheduled for a second vote on Thursday, April 27, and if it passes, a third vote will likely be held within a day or so. The House Bill is not currently scheduled for a second vote.

Medical freedom activists prefer SB222/HB305

Medical freedom activists strongly prefer SB222/HB305, which adds vaccination and immunity status as a protected class in civil rights statutes (one such argument can be found here). However, these bills have not been heard by any committees and are unlikely to pass in this legislative session.

  • If any parents have questions that remain unanswered by pediatricians and health officials in regards to vaccines I’d recommend starting with these two books:
    -Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries
    -Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth
    Don’t ignore your gut instinct. Don’t be bullied. God bless!

  • Let people do what they want. Some will live. Some will die. Should be their right.

  • More crackpot science from DeSantis who is now responsible for needless deaths of the ignorant unvaxxed he encourages.

    More important, given that Covid is not nearly as lethal as when it began – as was predicted – is that too many Americans now think their personal rights are tantamount, not public health and we’ll pay for this in the future. All our kids – and we ourselves when we were young – are required to be vaccinated or don’t come to school. Logical consistency would require that DeSantis and the GOP oppose that, or are they deciding what diseases are serious and which aren’t? That’s not their job and they are setting the scene for our being unable to deal effectively with a future pandemic equal to or more deadly than Covid. Thank God these snowflakes were not old enough during WWII or they’d be questioning “how safe” DDay landing craft were and refusing to go. Get in the damn boat, get your shot, and do your part for a change.

    • Jazzhole: F the WHO! My body, my choice. You & The devil can go to hell.

    • Man, who are you? Are you simply an anarchist? Against anything and everything?
      If DeSantis cured cancer, people of your ilk would protest.
      I learned during Vietnam, when I was in the Navy, watching the protests against the war, that if you don’t have a solution then you’re part of the problem.
      All the bitching without alternative creative solutions simply results into anarchy. Get a life man!

    • Vaccines are a junk science that just do not work in Humans. Satan’s sorcerers have you tricked.

    • The reaction you describe was caused by government overreach, failed policies like school closures, and the impolite treatment of people who asked questions. Reap what you sow.

    • My body my choice is not owned by the leftist pro abortion folks!

  • Sadly, a must nowadays. Like other monopoly forces we must oppose, after learning the hard way..

  • But……but…..Big Pharma needs the $$$….so they can contribute more $$ to the politicians who will do their bidding. The hell with science…..it’s ALL about the benjamin’s!

  • Based on the CDC’s own “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” (VAERS), the skyrocketing deaths and disabilities caused the experimental mRNA injections have been classified as a bioweapon by Professor of Law, Francis A. Boyle. Dr. Boyle is the author of the United States domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972 known as the “Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.

    Dr. Boyle recently endorsed a Lee County, Florida, “BAN THE JAB” resolution, authored by Dr. Josesph Sansone and passed by the Lee County republican executive committee.

    Dr. Boyle’s endorsement is emphatic:

    “Dear Friends: I write in strongest support of this Resolution. These Nazi Covid Frankenshots are part of an offensive biological warfare weapons system that is existentially dangerous to the lives, health, and well-being of the People of Florida. They must be terminated immediately!”

    Yours very truly, Francis A. Boyle – Professor of Law
    Source: https://josephsansone.substack.com/p/worlds-leading-legal-authority-on

  • More DeSantis big government regulation masquerading as “freedom.” The freedom solution would be to allow business owners to decide for themselves whether to require vaccines, masks, etc., for their employees and patrons. Then, we all get to pick whether we’d prefer to work at or patronize which type of business. People who prefer vaccines and masks get to work or dine at those restaurants, for example, whose owners freely require them; people who don’t care for vaccines and masks can go to restaurants that freely don’t require them. But DeSantis and goofball right aren’t for such a framework of freedom. Instead, they aren’t content until they shove their low-IQ populist health and lifestyle injunctions down the throat of every Floridian.

    • They’ve tried that before…buses, water fountains, separate restaurant entries and seating areas.

      Good thing that didn’t work out don’t you think?

    • We are low in yet it is leftist degenerates that even after obtaining a college degree, are still so stupid and useless that they expect/need/want tax payer to pay for their agreed upon student debt! You folks are so pathetic!

  • On top of Florida Surgeon General (and tireless warrior against demon sperm) Dr Ladapo’s bogus “Study”, which UF and national medical experts trashed as garbage, politico just reported that he personally doctored info on it to make the vaccine appear more dangerous. He and the governor áre the 2 clowns claiming authority to direct Floridians on how to react to Covid. This is dishonest political crap which will literally kill people.

    • And yet, he won the state by the largest margin in 40 years!🤣 proof, you Gainesville leftists are in the minority in this red state!🤣🤣

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