Protesters blocking intersection of University and 13th and also streets outside GPD


Updated throughout the evening as photos arrive

A large group of protesters completely blocked the intersection of University Avenue and NW 13th Street at one point this evening. According to the Gainesville Police Department, “no one has a permit today.” The group refused to communicate with GPD and announced the location three hours before the event.

Protesters are also sitting in the street outside GPD headquarters at NW 8th Avenue and NW 6th Street.

Pleasant Street

Going south on Main Street

Outside the courthouse


  • Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! Love seeing our community come together for a peaceful protest.

    • We need to put that into law. I suggest a Constitutional amendment with wording something like “The government shall make no law forbidding the right of the people to peaceably assemble, to speak freely, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” I mean, this ought to be a Right afforded to all Americans.
      Oh, wait. . .

  • In Support of Black Lives Matter.

    The City of Gainesville is a Racist Reminder of the Massacre and Fort Negro

    Major General Edmund P. Gaines – the The namesake for the City of Gainesville,Fl –  gave the order to destroy Fort Negro on Florida’s Apalachicola River on July 27, 1816. The result was the massacre of more than 270 men, women, and children, and destruction of the largest free black settlement in North America. 

    Organizers and participants of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement deserve nothing less than a petition to remove the violent reminder of “Gainesville” as a negro massacre by renaming the current County seat in accordance with a moniker of non-violent, uplifteing and moral correctness. – https://justpaste.it/6p35p

    • Just spell it Ganesville, take down any statues of Gaines..,
      Didn’t you get the memo it’s ok to re-write history?
      Problem solved.

    • Born and raised in Gainesville, The story has been given that it was named after General Gaines, but in reality it was named because it gained the county seat. Thus getting the UF to come to Alachua County. The original county seat was Alachua, So when Hogstown gained the county seat they named it Gainesville. So dig back into the actual history of Gainesville, and not take the easy way of saying it was named after General Gaines. That is an easier story to tell than the actual facts.

      • If past leadership is anything like today’s leadership I can assure you they did more than just move the county seat to get UF to come. The University of Florida is one entity that current leaders will ALWAYS bow down to. They already give them everything they want except electricity.
        One of the primary, if not the primary reason our taxes and utilities are so freaking high.

      • Before you start correcting people maybe you should go back and read history. That is unless it is your desire to rewrite history.
        The original county seat was Newnansville. You being born and raised in Gainesville would obviously know where that is.

  • “The American left has gone totally insane”…

  • Haha lord these two always have to have something negative to report. Permits or communication not required it’s a protest, not something you usually communicate. This article lacks about as much personality as the writer does.

    • Such so called “protests” are probably organized by Antifa and Communist outsiders, and all those white protesters are bussed in from out of state, funded by George Soros of course.
      Good News: Such protests will not be allowed in our new Springs County, where life on the farms is beautiful al the time. Anyone tries such a demonstration stunt and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane will use his helicopters, SWAT Team and their military surplus M16s to mow down those leftist scum to Keep the Peace. Move to Springs County to get away from such Un-American activity. Listen to wannabe Boss Hogg’s podcast tomorrow morning for further details. Link on this page.

      • You are a piece of trash who seems to forget a very important history lesson with out a protest and riot we would not be a country at all, and would still be answering to the crown. Sit down, be quiet, and learn some respect for others.

        • You forget that “Sit down, be quiet, and learn some respect for others” is what George III said to George W. in 1776. As you noted, George W. did not listen. If he had, pictures of Elizabeth would be on our money and stamps, and an adult would be in charge of the pandemic instead of a Man-Child in the White House.
          Your “be quiet” is what fascist Republicans love to say to anyone who does not groupthink like they do. You champion free speech, but only speech you agree with. Hypocrite?
          You advocate riots, but also having respect for others. A riot, by definition, does not show respect for others. Confused hypocrite?

  • Haha this reporting sucks. What about the history that was being taught? What about the message of unity and the non violence?

  • All for the right to protest peacefully but I have a problem when these protestors infringe on my rights.
    Some are already commenting about Jacksonville hosting the Republican National Convention, (a peaceful assembly), and how the left is going to cause anarchy and destruction to the city just for hosting. They should probably be careful knowing we have a Republican governor who believes in the rights of ALL, not just conservatives or liberals. Hopefully he will protect the right for the conservative assembly and do whatever is needed to protect those rights.

    • In 1972 the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach was allegedly going to be disrupted by some radical protesters. The government filed charges. These protesters were known as the Gainesville Eight.
      In 2020 the Republicans are moving their convention closer to Gainesville.
      How stupid can these Republicans be?

      • The Gville protest is political BS. Tony Jones is a great police Chief…no police brutality
        At GPD! The peaceful protests should be at the jail
        And ASO! Time for Sadie to be voted out of office.
        Vote for Clovis next Sheriff! Watson will keep the Peace.

        • Watson will be great at downsizing the ASO after the communist commission defunds it. Then he can move over to be the first Sheriff of our new Springs County. We deserve a Sheriff like Watson.

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