Publix backpedals on weekly testing for unvaccinated employees


After tweets about a Publix internal memo stating that they will test unvaccinated employees weekly caught the attention of a Publix spokesman, @PublixHelps tweeted that Publix has reversed course on the plan.

However, the same spokesman said that masks will continue to be required for employees because of OSHA “requirements.”

However, OSHA’s page on “Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace” uses words like “encourage,” “suggest,” and “choose” when discussing masks except for a section on higher-risk workplaces, which includes high-volume retail and grocery. That section includes a statement that employers “should” take certain measures that are “best practices.” One of these is: “Require unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk workers, and also fully vaccinated workers in areas of substantial or high community transmission, to wear masks whenever possible, encourage and consider requiring customers and other visitors to do the same.”

  • I guess I will backpedal on my plan to abandon Publix as my grocery store which has been for over 30 years… Was going to switch tomorrow and drive 20 minutes to get groceries when I have three publix’s within 3 mi…
    Instead, I’m going to leave messages at their web site, and attempt to speak to the managers at all three Publix’s where I typically shop, and ask them to let their poor employees work without a mask on for their entire shift. I feel most sorry for kids who have to be muzzled to attend school, but employees who have to be a muzzled for a while shift deserve our sympathy and support also…

  • I sometimes shop at Publix and always pay with cash…the cashiers
    Always mark my larger bills with that marker to make
    Sure that they’re not counterfeit…every time they do it,
    I say: “if it was counterfeit, I’d be wearing a mask”…
    One clerk said to me: “at least you’d be welcome then”…
    I then said, “do they make you wear those masks?”,
    She said “yes”… Anyway, the tyranny begins with
    Making employees wear masks & get Vax shots and then
    They will require vaccine passport for people to go grocery
    Shopping and to engage in other commerce…Florida with Desantis is the best place
    In the world to reside in…many people are so oblivious
    To what’s going on with the medical tyranny around
    The world with the requirement of face masks & vaccination passport to go to a restaurant, a concert, etc. Covid flu has a 99.9% survival rate. We know
    The face mask does not stop the “invisible enemy” and
    The shots do not prevent you from getting or transmitting
    The China flu cold…they are using this planned global
    Media event (psychological operation) to implement a
    Paradigm shift using fear to change how the world works…the planet earth is very small now due to the internet. My immune system works perfectly and I never
    Get sick. I do not want to generically modify my perfect
    God given immune system with an mRNA vaccine that
    May cause cancer to my system. I trust my immune
    System and my faith in god, not a paper mask and
    A shot that makes spike proteins that may have an
    Adverse reaction on me…it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.—-Desantis needs-to make an executive order that prohibits the wearing of hoodies and face masks together because that combination conceals too much identity and is the garb preferred by criminals…the
    Pandemic is a nothingburger, just a fear campaign to
    Implement a new system of global control over the people on the planet. Government is the devil and it wants to be god. It’s all about new world order control
    And great reset. Anyone who wears a mask is a brainwashed hypochondriac, is virtue signaling, a
    Communist, or a criminal trying to hide their identity.
    My rights are unalienable and I can make my own
    Medical decisions…I have no fear…There’s a devil
    All right…he’s so good that he makes you think he
    Doesn’t exist…I believe in god & my immune system,
    Not Fauci & a paper mask. God bless you & America!

  • Roger that on the masks. I visited Publix (not my usual store) three weeks ago…felt like I was in California…most of the customers wearing masks, in addition to the employees.
    Maybe it’s time to start writing Publix about ending the virtue signalling and letting their employees breathe freely.

    • Yes, I’ve unfortunately seen the same thing at Publix. Around here though (Alachua County / Gainesville) many stores are like that.

      Where do you normally shop?

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